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Topics in The Philosophy of Language Suggested Reading

Recommended Background Reading


Pinker, S. (1995) The Language Instinct, Penguin Books Ltd. (Classic, eminently accessible introduction to the scientific study of language, including useful discussion of evidence for innateness of some linguistic knowledge.)

Baker, M. C. (2001) The Atoms of Language, Basic Books. (Outstanding and highly accessible introduction to the Principles and Parameters framework.)

More advanced:

Adger, D. (2003) Core Syntax, Oxford: OUP. (Good, accessible introduction to syntax in the Minimalist framework.)

van Riemsdijk, H and Williams, E. (1986) Introduction to the Theory of Grammar, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press. (Slightly more advanced but exemplary introduction to syntax in the Government-Binding framework.)

Hornstein, N., Nunes, J., and Grohmann, K. K. (2005) Understanding Minimalism, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Excellent, but fairly advanced, introduction to the Minimalist framework; requires a working knowledge of the G-B framework.)