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Birmingham Metropolitan College Conference

Flix talks

University of Warwick/ Birmingham Metropolitan College Philosophy A-Level Mini-Conference

On Monday 2nd February 2017, fifty participants from accross Birmingham Metropolitan College converged on Sutton Coldfield Campus for the first University of Warwick/ Birmingham Metropolitan College A level Philosophy mini-conference. Associate Professor, Dr Felix Pinkert and Teaching Fellow, Dr John Tillson gave talks on Utilitarianism and Vegetarianism, and The Problem of Evil respectively. Five Honours students from Warwick's Philosophy by Examples Programme gave their time to facilitate breakaway sessions for the participants to critically discuss the talks.

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Mrs Sally Latham from Birmingham Metropolitan College, who helped organize the conference, gave the following testimonial:

"We had a really useful afternoon today courtesy of the University of Warwick. We basically designed our own program, with lectures delivered by academics and seminars facilitated by undergraduates. We picked utilitarianism and the problem of evil so that we could invite both philosophy and RS students and it was really useful both for spec content and to give students an insight into undergraduate-style teaching. I recommend it."

Mrs Sally Latham, Teacher of Philosophy at Birmingham Metropolitan College


Some of the students taking part were kind enough to share the following comments about the event:

"Thank you so much for organising this amazing opportunity! I feel like I've really had an insight into studying in university and both lectures and seminars were really useful."


"I felt the event was very useful and enjoyable as I was able to get my viewpoint across and listen to other people's opinions too. Also sitting in the lecture gave me a good insight into what university life would be like."

(Miya Mall)

"The lectures and seminars flowed nicely and were interactive. It allowed me to get a feel of university style learning and to think like a philosophy student."


"The Problem of Evil lecture was interesting whether you had studied the topic or not."

(Ciera Dolphin)

"The lectures were very interesting and thought-provoking, especially considering the utilitarian's perspective on eating meat. The seminars were enjoyable as it was good to hear other people's viewpoints."

(Hannah Davis)