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Bill Brewer

My research interests are in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and epistemology. A recent major project concerns the intersection of these areas in the philosophy of perception. In particular: which account of the nature of conscious perceptual experience is most conducive to the defence of empirical realism? A book length treatment, Perception and Its Objects, was recently published by OUP. Final draft material is available below. My next major project concerns the parts and persistence of macroscopic material objects. In particular, I am interested in arguing for a robust endurantism from the fact that such objects are the mind-independent direct objects of our perception.

Selected Publications


  • Spatial Representation, jointly edited with Naomi Eilan and Roz McCarthy. Oxford: OUP, 1999
  • Perception and Reason. Oxford: OUP, 1999.
  • Perception and its Objects. Oxford: OUP, 2011. Chapters: Intro, ch. 1, ch. 2, ch. 3, ch. 4, ch. 5, ch. 6, ch. 7, Bib.



  • 'Attention and Direct Realism'. In A. Pautz and D. Stoljar (eds.), Themes from Block. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.
  • 'Enduring Material Unities'
  • 'Objectivity and Endurance'.
  • 'Vagueness and Endurance'.