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Application to join MAP Mentoring Scheme

The MAP chapter and the Philosophy Department at the University of Warwick have joined forces to set up a mentoring scheme for 3rd year philosophy undergraduates who identify as members of underrepresented groups. The scheme aims to counterbalance the effects of mechanisms that disadvantage members of these groups within the discipline, e.g. in postgraduate admissions, and beyond, e.g. on the non-academic job market. Each year the department will send out a call for applications to all future 3rd year undergraduates, inviting all those who identify as members of underrepresented groups to apply for a mentor. These applications will be forwarded to a committee consisting of active MAP members who will then try to match potential mentees with mentors recruited from the philosophy postgraduate community or from postgraduate communities of related fields. Ideally, the mentor’s personal experience will put them in a position to advise the mentee on the particular challenges that they might face, but even if no perfectly suitable mentor can be found, the MAP committee will do its best to find a mentor for every applicant.
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