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Jack Shardlow


In Term 2, 2020, I will be teaching on Central Themes in Philosophy (PH142), Introduction to Philosophy (PH133), and Philosophy of Time (PH373). My office hours will be on Friday afternoons, from midday until 3pm, or by appointment.


In 2019 I held the position of postdoctoral research associate on the interdisciplinary AHRC project 'Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology'.

In my doctoral thesis, Experiencing (in) Time (2019), I present a phenomenological investigation of our experience of time – of things as they fall within time – and suggest that something important goes missing in recent debates. This is the notion of a point of view. I argue that articulating the sense in which we have a point of view in time, and what this is a point of view upon, is crucial to an account of how things are for an experiencing subject.

For a brief introduction to some of my research, written for a general audience, see here.

I am also interested in issues concerning the relationship between consciousness and time more generally, where this involves one's passing thoughts, emotions, and moods; episodes of remembering and imagining; as well as how time is represented in the visual arts and literature.

Other interests span a wide range of issues in the philosophy of perception, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of psychology, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics.

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