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Jack Shardlow


In Term 1, 2020, I will be teaching on Making Decisions; Reason, Argument, and Analysis; and Words & Things. In Term 2, I will be teaching on Philosophy of Mind; Introduction to Symbolic Logic; Introduction to Philosophy.
My office hours will be on Monday afternoons, 3.30-5pm; Friday afternoons, from 4pm until 5.30pm. I will also be running the philosophy of mind common room on Teams, from 3-4pm on Fridays. Since office hours will be over Teams for the foreseeable future, please email to make an appointment.


In 2019 I held the position of postdoctoral research associate on the interdisciplinary AHRC project 'Time: Between Metaphysics and Psychology'.

In my doctoral thesis, Experiencing (in) Time (2019), I present a phenomenological investigation of our experience of time – of things as they fall within time – and suggest that something important goes missing in recent debates. This is the notion of a point of view. I argue that articulating the sense in which we have a point of view in time, and what this is a point of view upon, is crucial to an account of how things are for an experiencing subject.

For a brief introduction to some of my research, written for a general audience, see here.

I am also interested in issues concerning the relationship between consciousness and time more generally, where this involves one's passing thoughts, emotions, and moods; episodes of remembering and imagining; as well as how time is represented in the visual arts and literature.

Other interests span a wide range of issues in the philosophy of perception, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of psychology, metaphysics, epistemology, and aesthetics.

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