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Giulia Palazzolo

I am a Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Warwick. I was previously a PhD student at the University of Rome La Sapienza (Nov 2018- Sep 2022). My research interests are in the Philosophy of Language, Mind, Psychology and Cognitive Science. My research focuses on theories of communication, semantics and pragmatics in non-human animals, and the evolution of syntax. I am post-doc on Richard MooreLink opens in a new window’s project ‘The Communicative MindLink opens in a new window’. I am also a member of the ‘Expression, Communication, and the Origins of MeaningLink opens in a new window’ Research Group (University of Connecticut) and the ‘Groups networkLink opens in a new window’.


Palazzolo, G., & Moore, R. (forthcoming), “Animal Communication”, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, ed. E.N. Zalta (forthcoming).

Palazzolo, G. (2024), “A case for animal reference. Beyond functional reference and meaning attribution”, Synthese, 203, 59.

Berio, L., Can, B., Helming K., Palazzolo, G., & Moore, R. (2023), “Pragmatic Interpretation and the Production of Ideographic codes”, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 46, e236.

Palazzolo, G., (2020), “L'intenzionalità. Breve storia di un concetto filosofico”, La voce e il logos. Filosofie dell'animalità nella storia delle idee, ed. by S. Gensini, Pisa, Edizioni ETS, pp. 451-471.

Gensini, S., & Palazzolo, G. (2020), “Simbolicità e emotività negli animali non umani: un tema attuale con radici lontane”, Rivista italiana di Filosofia del Linguaggio, pp. 230-241.

Palazzolo, G. (2017), “Marin Cureau de la Chambre: Cognition and Language in Animals”, Blityri. Studi di storia delle idee sui segni e le lingue, 6(2): 55-78.

Book reviews

R. Humphreys, “Animals, ethics, and language. The philosophy of meaningful communication in the lives of animals”, for Bioethics (invited)

S. Monsó, “Schrödinger’s possum: How animals experience and understand death (Italian edition)”, for Humanimalia (invited).

Selected conference talks

2024, “How to define communication in animals and humans”, The World Congress of Philosophy, University La Sapienza, Rome, Italy (expected).

2024, “Thinking of animal and human communication together”, Evolutionary Pragmatics Forum (expected)

2024, “The evolution of reference”, Evolang XV, Madison WI, US (expected).

2024, “What is animal communication?”, LSE Workshop on Animal Minds, London, UK.

2023, “Evidence of syntax in animal communication”, opening talk at The Origins of Syntax conference, University of Warwick, UK.

2023, “Beyond functional reference and meaning attribution: Towards an alternative framework for making sense of the continuities between animal and human communication”, Protolang 8, Rome, Italy.

2023, “A case for animal reference. Beyond functional reference and meaning attribution” (poster), Philosophy of Animal Mind and Behaviour Association (PAMBA) Inaugural meeting, Madrid, Spain.

2019, “La performatività nella comunicazione animale. Riflessioni su studi recenti”, PRIN International Conference Embodied Creativity: the role of performativity, Centre “Umberto Eco”, University of Bologna, Italy.

2019, “Emotività e arbitrarietà in chiave (zoo)semiotica”, with Stefano Gensini, XXV Congress of the Philosophy of Language Society, University of Cagliari, Italy.

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Room: S2.63