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Keith Ansell-Pearson

Professor of Philosophy, Warwick University, 1993-2021.Honorary President of the Friedrich Nietzsche Society, 2021-

Current Research

In a book in progress entitled Nietzsche's New Philosophical Wisdom I am developing a novel appreciation of Nietzsche largely focused on his middle writings and their pursuit of a new conception of philosophical wisdom. This involves Nietzsche promoting the cause of science and psychological analysis (since he holds that almost all philosophy lacks knowledge about human beings); re-thinking the figure and role of the sage (he holds that we can now only become wise by paying attention to what is small, defective, illogical, and so on, not by focusing on what is 'amazing' or 'divine'); developing an appreciation of the passions in relation to our efforts at self-cultivation; and laying out the task of the poets as seers of future virtues. It is my strongly held view that no adequate and critical appreciation of Nietzsche is possible without a deep acquaintance with his middle writings. In the book I examine Nietzsche's preference for cold books and cheerful philosophising, as well as his commitment to fostering philosophical friendship through the appreciation of new kinds of books and of writing.

Recently published essays and forthcoming essays include:

'Philosophy as a Way of Life in Thus Spoke Zarathustra' (forthcoming in Ansell-Pearson & Loeb, Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Critical Guide, Cambridge University Press); 'How to make sense of Nietzsche as a Sceptic' (Nietzsche on Making Sense of Nietzsche, ed. M. Béland, C. Denat, C. Piazzesi et P. Wotling, Reims, Editions et presses de l’université de Reims); 'Friedrich Nietzsche: Cheerful Thinker and Writer. A Contribution to the Debate on Nietzsche’s Cheerfulness' (with Lorenzo Serini, forthcoming in Nietzsche-Studien); 'Telling Lies: Nietzsche on the Poets in his Middle Writings' (forthcoming in James I. Porter, Nietzsche Between Philosophy and Literature, Cambridge University Press). An essay on Nietzsche on the passions and self-cultivation was published in Continental Philosophy Review at the end of 2021 (on-line version) and can be accessed here: CPR article

'Schopenhauer on Stoicism as a Way of Life and on the Wisdom of Life' (forthcoming in David Woods & Timothy Still, eds., The Schopenhaurian Mind, Routledge); 'Bergson and Philosophy as a Way of Life' (in Lefebvre and Schott, Interpreting Bergson, Cambridge University Press); 'Bergson on the Emotions' (forthcoming in Mark Sinclair, The Bergsonian Mind, Routledge); 'Jean-Marie Guyau on Epicurus and the Conduct of Life' (with Federico Testa, Introduction to Guyau, The Ethics of Epicurus, Bloomsbury Academic); 'Guyau on Life and Morality' (with Federico Testa, forthcoming in Sinclair and Whistler, The Oxford Handbook of Modern French Philosophy).

Selected Book Publications



  • Nietzsche and Modern German Thought (Routledge, 1991).
  • (with Duncan Large) The Nietzsche Reader (Blackwell, 2006).
  • (with John O Maoilerca) Bergson: Key Writings (Bloomsbury Press, 2002, second edition 2014).
  • The New Century: Bergsonism, Phenomenology, and Responses to Modern Science (Acumen/University of Chicago Press, 2010). Read review 
  • (with Federico Testa) Jean-Marie Guyau, The Ethics of Epicurus, trans. F. Testa (Bloomsbury Academic, 2021).

In Progress & Forthcoming

  • Nietzsche's New Philosophical Wisdom: The Philosopher, the Sage, and the Poet (in progress).
  • Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Critical Guide, co-edited with Paul S. Loeb (Cambridge University Press, 2022).
  • The Empathetic Emotions, co-edited with David James (Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2023).

Co-editor of two book series: Critical Guides to Nietzsche (Edinburgh University Press) and Re-Inventing Philosophy as a Way of Life (Bloomsbury).

Critical Guides to Nietzsche

Re-inventing Philosophy as a Way of Life

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