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Nadine Elzein

My main research interests include ethics, metaphysics, and the philosophy of mind. Much of my research focuses on a cluster of problems relating to free will, determinism, moral responsibility, and retributive practices.

My work on these themes has included papers on Frankfurt-style examples and the relevance of alternative possibilities, indeterminism and luck, indeterministic freedom as an emergent phenomenon, the relevance of neuroscientific research for moral and legal responsibility, transcendental arguments for freedom, and problems about whether deontic morality is threatened by determinism. I am also interested in meta-ethics, and moral psychology, and in the philosophy of time, and have also been writing on some of these themes

I joined the Department of Philosophy at Warwick in 2021. I have a PhD from University College London, and have held prior posts at King’s College London, the University of Southampton, and University College London, as well as at the University of Oxford, where I have held posts at Wadham College, University College, and Lady Margaret Hall.