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David Bather Woods


I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy with academic responsibilities for admissions, outreach and widening participation. I am currently acting as Director of Student Experience and Progression. I have taught a wide range of topics in philosophy, mainly in the history of philosophy and the philosophy of value, particularly ethics and aesthetics. My research focuses on the 19th century German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, especially his pessimism, but recently also his moral and political philosophy.

Current Teaching

Winner of a Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence 2021

Commended in the University of Warwick Kindness on Campus Awards 2021


‘Proust and Schopenhauer'. In The Proustian Mind, by Anna Elsner and Tom Stern. Routledge, forthcoming.

'Schopenhauer's Sexual Ethics'. In Schopenhauer's Moral Philosophy, edited by Patrick Hassan. Routledge, 2021.

'The Standard Interpretation of Schopenhauer's Compensation Argument for Pessimism: A Non-Standard Variant', European Journal of Philosophy.

‘Seriously Bored: Schopenhauer on Solitary Confinement’, British Journal for the History of Philosophy (2019) 27 (5): 959-978.

‘Schopenhauer on the State and Morality’. In The Palgrave Schopenhauer Handbook, edited by Sandra Shapshay. Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

‘Großbritannien’. In Schopenhauer-Handbuch, edited by Daniel Schubbe and Matthias Koßler. J.B. Metzler Verlag, 2014 (1st Ed.), 2018 (2nd Ed.).


'What Arthur Schopenhauer learned about genius at the asylum' (Psyche magazine)

'The Promise of Pessimism' (Institute of Art and Ideas)

'Resilience' (The Forum)

'Schopenhauer on Compassion' (Philosophy Bites)

'The semi-satisfied life' (Aeon)

'The best books on Arthur Schopenhauer' (Five Books)

'The History of Philosophy: its value and limitations' and 'Schopenhauer on Boredom, Loneliness and Compassion' (Common Room Philosophy)

Work in progress


The Schopenhauerian Mind (in the Routledge Philosophical Minds book series), co-edited with Timothy Stoll.


'Schopenhauer's Political Philosophy'. In The Schopenhaurian Mind (see above).

  • Acting Director of Student Experience and Progression
  • Outreach and Widening Participation Lead
  • Teachers and school leaders are welcome and encouraged to inquire about outreach and engagement with Warwick Philosophy Department


David dot Bather dot Woods at warwick dot ac dot uk

Office: S2.38 (Social Sciences)

Office hours (Term 2, 2021/22):

2–3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

David Bather Woods