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Procedure for Submitting Assessed Work for PGT courses

  • All work submitted should be in Microsoft Word format (doc or docx file) only. Please do not submit work in PDF format as this makes it difficult for markers to add feedback and there have been issues with uploading PDF documents to Tabula in the past.
  • The work should be typed up and you must proof read everything to eliminate errors.
  • The work must have a wide margin (not less than 1”/2.5cm) on the left side of the page. The work must be double spaced and pages must be numbered consecutively.
  • The work must have a title page, and a table of contents showing section headings and page numbers. Your Student ID number should appear as a header or a footer on each page but DO NOT include your name on the essay or cover sheet as all submitted work should be anonymised.
  • There must be a full bibliography, properly laid out, of books, articles and websites consulted and used.
  • You must submit all work via Tabula Coursework Management Portal.
  • Completed cover sheets must be copied and pastied to the front of the work prior to submission, with an accurate count of the number of words. Cover sheets can be downloaded here.
  • The word count should include quotations and footnotes, but can exclude bibliographical entries and appendices. Do not include in an appendix any material that is essential to your argument.
  • The Philosophy Department does not require a particular referencing system to be used as long as the style is consistent within the essay. However, if you are submitting an essay to a department outside Philosophy please check with them which referencing method they require. For example, the English Department requires the MLA referencing system to be used and no table of contents should be included.
  • For MPhil 2+2 students, when you save your essay, please ensure you include the name of the paper topic (i.e. Kant, Philosophy of Mind and Action) in the file name.

Word-length of Assessed Work

A published maximum word-length has the force of a University Regulation. You will be asked to provide a word count of your essays and dissertation, to be noted on the cover sheet you fill in when the work is submitted. Writing over-length places you at a considerable disadvantage, given that markers are not required to read more than the maximum number of words. Students are permitted to go a maximum of 10% over the word length for assessed work. There is no penalty for assessed work submitted under the word-length, provided that quality has not been sacrificed to conciseness.