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PPE: Interdisciplinary Topics (PH255)

When we study the social world around us we find many phenomena that we can’t explain from a single theoretical perspective. If we want to know, for example, what a just tax system looks like we need to understand: what a tax system is for (philosophy); what economic consequences follow from a particular policy (economics); how the mechanics of politics limits the systems we can implement (politics). The PPE course as a whole provides you with the specialist knowledge to deal with these component issues: this module will help you develop the ability to pull these components together.

In this module you will be taught by specialist researchers in each discipline of PPE - the exact topics covered each year will vary according to their interests. Our emphasis will be on developing the skills required to bring these theoretical perspectives together and develop cohesive policy responses to contemporary social problems. As such you will receive training both on the issues themselves and on preparing the novel forms of assessment used in this module.

In selecting topics we will be guided by: (i) providing opportunities to enrich your understanding of how the component parts of your degree programme fit together; (ii) the policy relevance of the topic; (iii) researchers interests. Issues covered could include: justice in taxation; the future of work and unemployment; poverty and welfare; migration; gender justice; democracy and liberalism; political speech, propaganda and persuasion.


Module Director:

Mat Coakley


This module is worth 15 CATS.