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SO256-15 Gender, Race and Sexualities in the Criminal Justice System: Policy and Practice

This module explores sociological and criminological approaches to the study of deviancy, gender, race, sexuality, and crime in contemporary society, drawing upon both ‘northern’ (western) and ‘southern’ (non-western) perspectives. The main aim of this module is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the complex relationships between gender and crime, race and crime, and intersectionality and the criminal justice system, in their broader social contexts.

In this module, we will explore and analyse the relationship between gender and crime, learning about feminist and queer theoretical approaches in criminology. We will further explore and critically analyse the relationship between race, crime, and the criminal justice system, learning from the contributions of critical race theorists. This course will introduce students to intersectionality and how it affects our understanding of crime, victimisation, the fear of crime, and everyday experiences with criminal justice systems and practitioners.

Students will be presented with a range of theoretical and conceptual issues around the theme of gender, race, crime, and justice including feminist writing on the meaning and relevance of gender, and critical perspectives on race and racism. In so doing, students will develop the necessary analytical, critical, and theoretical perspectives and skills to examine sociological and criminological writings and approaches to the study of deviancy, gender, race, sexuality, and crime. The content that the students will engage with will draw upon relevant policy material in this field to enable students to apply their theoretical and conceptual knowledge to policy and practice in local and international contexts.

Key Information

CORE module for BA Sociology and Criminology

Optional module for other degree programmes


Summative Assessment: 3000 word essay (100%)

Teaching: 1 hour lecture and 1 hour seminar per week.

Module Convenor: TBC