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The Peter Gutkind Prize

The Department offers the Peter Gutkind prize to the student submitting the best undergraduate dissertation each summer. The prize is of book tokens to the value of £100.

Professor Peter Gutkind was a distinguished social anthropologist who was associated with the Department from 1986 until his death in 2001. For a number of years Peter taught our ‘Sociology of Developing Societies’ module and also supervised dissertations. His commitment to teaching was always exemplary and this prize is to commemorate his contribution to the Department.

Previous winners


Marie Thornby

Negotiated Spaces for Cultural Material: Access, Representation, Knowledge and Silence in the case of the British Museum


Georgia Loizia

Women's Life Histories on Cyprus


Lynne Haste

An Exploration of the subversively 'Queer' potential of Female Camp


Laura Donohoe



Steven Gascoigne

A Comparative Historical Analysis of the Impact of Recession on Welfare State Development - Britain and Sweden in the 1930s


Paul Birch

The Pedagogy of Dust


Becky Feetham

'Jewishness' from a Women's Perspective: a process of identity negotiation


Bethan Jackson

Old! Me? Discourses of Older Women as Represented in the Media: Investigating their significance in framing older women's sense of self and ageing identities.


Michael Huddlestone

No Future? 'Assess the efficacy of lesbian relational formations as a space of opposition to heteronontmative conceptions of time, family and freedom'


Lucy Annison

Caught in no-wo/man's land? Investigating the Inclusivity of Sexual Violence Response Services for Transgender Survivors