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Disability, Inequality & the Life Course

This module focuses on disability inequalities across the life course. Our main aim is to understand the mechanisms and social processes behind disability differentials in domains such as education and the labour market. In order to do this, we will first develop a critical understanding of varying theoretical models and definitions of disability. We will then proceed to exploring the importance of processes related to marginalisation and stigmatisation and their implications for the lives of disabled people. Different domains influencing the trajectories and lives of those with disabilities will be scrutinized e.g. family, school, societal attitudes, social policy etc. We will draw on examples from different parts of the world, exploring the importance of situational context for the study of disability. Whilst this module will draw on substantive and empirical insights from a range of disciplines, it will also highlight the unique contribution of a sociological perspective in the study of disability. The module will also demonstrate the parallels of disability with gender and social class as well as the importance of an intersectional approach to understand life course outcomes of disabled individuals.