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Health Inequalities in Lozells

Health Inequalities in Lozells

An analysis of Provision and its impact on community well-being.

Key contacts: Professor Virinder Kalra

Funding: Aspire & Succeed

Start date: 19.10.2020

End date: 31.07.2021

Project overview

This pilot project responds to concerns among minority ethnic groups and statutory agencies in the Lozells area about existing health service structures and response mechanisms such as commissioning of services, and a recognition that these need to be better supported to respond to the multiple challenges that Covid-19 has revealed for communities in the Lozells area.

The project will uncover new and up to date data on the impact of Covid-19 on existing health inequalties in the area; it will involve a range of local and statutory stakeholders in gathering evidence and designing follow-up interventions that draw on local resources to help mitigate health inequalities. For example, in how those responsible for distributing services communicate with affected and at-risk communities, and how to strengthen trust in response structures and mitigate mis- and dis-information. It will evaluate the potential for individual and collective actions to be integrated toward delivering better health outcomes, and to make sure that people have the agency to be able to respond appropriately and to take responsibility for themselves and, by extension, their communities.