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Qualify Unification in Europe for Shifting Trust (QUEST)

A comparative research on Muslims responses to the politics of threat in France, UK, Spain and Norway.

Key contacts: Dr Adjmal Hussain

Funding: Norface Network Dutch RC

Start date: 01.12.2020

End date: 30.11.2023

Project overview

Ajmal is Principal Investigator of the UK case study for the new project QUEST; funded from the sixth NORFACE transnational programme on Democratic governance in a turbulent age (2020-23). This project addresses the emerging politics of threat, and shifting identities and representations in relation to the presence of Muslims in European public spheres. It will make use of an ethnographic approach that involves mapping cultural production and activism through extended engagement with Muslims in urban settings. It is a collaborative endeavour with a number of civil society actors engaged in anti-racism within the city of Birmingham (UK). While also a comparative venture with academics and further collaboration partners from the cities of Madrid, Oslo and Paris.