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Masterclass Spirit of Revolution

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Warwick Social Theory Centre hosts a three day masterclass with renown feminist philosopher Drucilla Cornell and her co-author Stephen Seely. It will explore themes from their new book The Spirit of Revolution: Beyond the Dead Ends of Man.

The book seeks to reclaim revolutionary politics and to embrace human agency for contemporary feminist and queer theory—in which both revolution and humanism have been effectively disavowed. Whilst holding onto the feminist critiques of the supposed sovereignty and universality of Man, they contend that we must nonetheless embrace human agency and the struggle against colonialism and capitalism. The book proceeds through a series of ’creolised readings’, thinking Michel Foucault with Ali Shariati, Jaques Lacan with Franz Fanon, and Baruch Spinoza with Sylvia Wynter. Through this they demonstrate what is at stake in the ongoing debate between humanism and posthumanism, putting this in the context of contemporary global crises and possibilities of revolution.

In their defence of political spirituality Cornell and Seely push for a new trajectory in response to the gross inequalities of today, one that offers us a very different view of revolution and its present day potential.

This masterclass is supported by the IAS, Social Theory Centre, Centre for the Study of Women and Gender, the Connecting Cultures GRP and the ESRC DTC.

The masterclass is open to faculty, researchers and postgraduate students. Unfortunalty the class is now oversubscribed and we can not accept further applicants.

The class will run from 10.00 to 17.00 on November 8th, 9th and 10th at Milburn House.

This form is now closed as the Masterclass is oversubscribed. Apologies and thanks for your interest.


Drucilla Cornell and Stephen Seely are IAS Visiting Fellows hosted by the Social Theory Centre. Their visit is also sponsored by the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender and the Connecting Cultures GPR.

Other events associated with their visit include:

Luce Irigaray Public Lecture 'How could we truly live and talk together’. Monday 14th November, 17.00-19.00, 0.006

Luce Irigaray & Stephen Seely in conversation, Tuesday 15th November, 13.00-14.00, OC1.02 tbc

Drucilla Cornell Public Lecture 'Derrida’s method as technique of liberation’ Tuesday 15th November 17.00-19.00, room tbc