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Poverty bites

Access to sufficient, safe and appropriate food is a basic human right. For poor families, money can be an obstacle in meeting this right - 1 in 50 children do not get three meals a day due to lack of money, and 1 in 20 parents cannot afford to provide fruit at least once a day.

Research has consistently shown that nutritional status is related to income. There is increasing evidence that those who live for long periods on low incomes cannot afford to purchase sufficient food to maintain good health. This book explores why this happens and considers the consequences for families and children in terms of their nutritional, health and social wellbeing.

The main areas of focus are:

food access and food security

nutrition and health

current initiatives and research

challenges for action.

Food poverty is predominately hidden from the public eye - it occurs behind closed doors in the homes of millions of individuals and families. The authors open the doors and take forward the current debates. In particular they highlight some of the real challenges for policy makers, campaigners, researchers, rights workers and for all people in the UK.

Selected articls:   Foreword

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