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The publications listed here can be grouped through the lens of the research projects I have listed on my main web-page. Most of these publications have been uploaded on WRAP, the University of Warwick's full-text, open access research archive. Some are also available on The versions available on WRAP and are the refereed and accepted (pre-copyedited) versions of journal articles. My research has been cited across many disciplines. Google Scholar appears to have the most accurate citational record.


Edited Journal Volumes
Journal Articles
Book Chapters
  • 2010. ‘Once More to a Slightly Different Breach: Race, Neoliberal Governmentality and Violence Against International Students’, in Suvendrini Perera, Graham Seal and Sue Summer (eds.) Enter at own Risk? Australia’s Population Questions for the 21st Century, Perth: Black Swan Press. pp. 91-116. ISBN: 9780980631357
  • 2010. ‘Transmediterranean Dispersals: Mazzini, Hindu Nationalism and Sonia Gandhi’ , in Joseph Pugliese (ed) Transmediterranean: Diasporas, Histories, Geopolitical Spaces, Brussels: Peter Lang. pp. 173-187. ISBN: 9789052016191
  • 2008. ‘beauty and the bollywood star: stories of skin colour and transnational circulations of whiteness’, in Nicole Anderson & Katrina Schlunke (eds.) Cultural Theory in Everyday Practice, Melbourne, Vic.: Oxford University Press. pp.196-205. ISBN: 9780195562453
  • 2008. ‘Genuine Secularism: Ashis Nandy and The Australian Values Debate’, in JV D’Cruz et. al. (eds.) As Others See Us: Postcolonial Perspectives on Australian Culture--The Values Debate, Melbourne: Australian Scholarly Publishing. pp. 43-54. ISBN 9781740971768
  • with Banerjee, SB 2005. ‘Making Global Subjects: Diasporic Identity as a Media Event’, in Alisoun Pullen & Stephen Linstead (eds.) Organization & Identity, Routledge: London. pp. 244-265. ISBN: 0415322316
  • with Banerjee, SB 2003. ‘Organizing multiple spacetimes in a colonial context: Indigeneity and White Australian nationalism at the Melbourne Museum’, in Stephen Linstead (ed) Text/Work: Representing Organization and Organizing Representation, Routledge: London. pp. 138-160. ISBN: 9780415304733
  • 1998. ‘Genealogies of the Body Politic: History and Resistance in the Cinema of Sembene’, in Pal Ahluwalia & Paul Nursey-Bray (eds.) Post Colonialism: Culture and Identity in Africa, Nova Science: New York. pp. 91-110. ISBN: 9781560724537

Book Reviews

  • 2012. ‘Travelling with Bollywood’, borderlands ejournal 11 (1)
  • 2008. ‘The Indian Family in Transition: Reading Literary and Cultural Texts’, The Australian Journal of Anthropology 19 (3): 354-355.
  • 2007. ‘How to Stop Worrying about the Neoliberal Present and Start Engaging With it’, Australian Feminist Studies 22 (52): 145-147.
  • 2005. ‘Review of Stitches on Time’, Anthropological Forum 15 (2): 211-212.
  • 2004. Narratives from the Women’s Studies Family: Recreating Knowledge’, Australian Feminist Studies 19 (44): 246-247.
  • 2001. ‘Review of Indigenous Cultures in an Interconnected World’, Chain Reaction 84: 41.
  • 2000. ‘Diasporic Maladies: A Review of Jhumpa Lahiri's The Interpreter of Maladies’, CRNLE Reviews Journal, December.