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Notes on submission

  • ·         The word limit for your assessed work EXCLUDES both the bibliography and title
  • ·         The work should be submitted electronically WITH the title, but WITHOUT the bibliography
  • ·         The paper/hard  copy of your work should be submitted (to Sociology Reception) WITH the bibliography and with the receipt from electronic submission and a completed cover-sheet
  • ·         On the cover sheet you are asked the word-count – DO NOT include the title or the bibliography in the word count
  • ·         Please be aware that even if you are just a few words over the limit you WILL be penalized – the department uses the Turnitin software package which,  if necessary, will instantly confirm the exact word count (but if you are over we will minus the words in the title first then look again)  
  • ·       Don't forget that you have to complete BOTH electronic and hard-copy submission by 2pm on the day of the deadline and that there are penalities for late submission without a formal extension.  You are welcome to submit any time before the deadline.
  • ·         Any extension requests have to be made on the online forms, NOT by e-mailing your tutor/convenor, and should be made in advance of the deadline.