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Journal Articles (Selection)

(2021) Values, Beliefs, Norms, and Conservation-Oriented Behaviors toward Native Fish Biodiversity in Rivers: Evidence from Four European Countries (with Carsten Riepe, Marie Fujitani, Sophia Kochalski, Øystein Aas, and Robert Arlinghaus). Society & Natural Resources 34: 701-722.

(2021) Large and persistent effects of green energy defaults in the household and business sectors (with Jennifer Gewinner and Andreas Diekmann). Nature Human Behaviour 5: 576–585. (featured on Nature Human Behaviour cover) (covered in a Nature Human Behaviour News & Views)

(2021) Models of moral decision making: Theory and empirical applications in various domains (editorial, with Caspar Chorus and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Journal of Choice Modelling 39 (Special Issue on Models of Moral Decision Making: Theory and Empirical Applications in Various Domains): 100280.

(2021) Mapping potentials and challenges of choice modelling for social science research (with Jürgen Meyerhoff). Journal of Choice Modelling 38 (Special Issue on Choice Modelling in Social Science Research): 100270.

(2021) Explaining Ethnic Violence: On the Relevance of Geographic, Social, Economic, and Political Factors in Hate Crimes on Refugees (with Nicole Schwitter). European Sociological Review 37: 429-448.

(2021) Uncovering the Nexus Between Attitudes, Preferences and Behavior in Sociological Applications of Stated Choice Experiments (with Peter Mariel, Heiko Beyer, and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Sociological Methods & Research 50: 310-347.

(2020) Contact Heterogeneity as a Mediator of the Relationship between Social Class and Altruistic Giving (with Andreas Tutić), Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 6: 1–16.

(2020) Measurement of Fairness Perceptions in Energy Transition Research: A Factorial Survey Approach (with Geesche Dobers), Sustainability 12(19): 8084 (Special Issue Energy Transition and Climate Change in Decision-making Processes).

(2020) Diskriminierungserfahrungen und Bedrohungswahrnehmungen von in Deutschland lebenden Juden (with Heiko Beyer). Zeitschrift für Religion, Gesellschaft und Politik 4: 127-148.

(2020) Examining discrimination in everyday life: a stated choice experiment on racism in the sharing economy (with Heiko Beyer). Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. online first.

(2020) Going Digital: Web data collection using Twitter as an example (with Nicole Schwitter), Oxfam Going Digital Series.

(2020) The social acceptance of airport expansion scenarios: A factorial survey experiment (with Peter Preisendörfer and Heidi Bruderer Enzler). Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 84: 102363.

(2020) Using Factorial Survey Experiments to Measure Attitudes, Social Norms, and Fairness Concerns in Developing Countries (with Ismaïl M. Moumouni, Christine Bigler, Chantal Ingabire, and Sabin Bieri). Sociological Methods & Research 49: 161-192.

(2019) Decomposing public support for energy policy: What drives acceptance of and intentions to protest against renewable energy expansion in Germany? (with Geesche Dobers). Energy Research & Social Science 47: 247-260.

(2019) What is missing in research on non-monetary incentives in the household energy sector? (with Jennifer Gewinner and Andreas Diekmann). Energy Policy 123: 180-183.

(2019) Do environmental concern and future orientation predict metered household electricity use? (with Heidi Bruderer Enzler and Andreas Diekmann). Journal of Environmental Psychology 62: 22-29.

(2019) Objektiver Status, subjektiver Status und Prosozialität bei Schweizer Berufsschülern (with Nicole Schwitter and Andreas Tutić). Swiss Journal of Sociology 45: 57-81.

(2019) A Web Survey Application of Real Choice Experiments (with Klaus Glenk, Marie von Meyer-Höfer, and Achim Spiller). Journal of Choice Modelling 33: 100150.

(2019) Prosocial Behavior across Professional Boundaries: Experimental Evidence from Hospitals (with Elias Naumann and Andreas Tutić). SAGE Open 9: 1-12.

(2019) Exploring the relationship between holistic spirituality and gender essentialism among Swiss university students (with Annika Zemp). Social Compass 66: 238-255.

(2019) Sozialer Status, Altruistisches Geben und Reziprozität: Befunde aus einem Quasi-Experiment mit Probanden aus den USA (with Andreas Tutić). Zeitschrift für Soziologie 48: 176-189.

(2018) How Stable Are Anti-American Attitudes over Time? A Test-Retest Study in Germany Including Twelve Statements to Measure Aversion against America and Americans (with Heiko Beyer). International Journal of Sociology 48: 216-230.

(2018) The Elective Affinities of Anti-Semitic and Anti-American Resentments in Germany (with Heiko Beyer). Social Science Quarterly 99: 262-282.

(2018) From Welcome Culture to Welcome Limits? Uncovering Preference Changes over Time for Sheltering Refugees in Germany (with Jürgen Meyerhoff, Maarten Kroesen, Caspar Chorus, and Klaus Glenk) PLoS ONE 13(8): e0199923.

(2018) Citizenship Status, Warm Glow, and Prosocial Behavior: A Quasi-Experiment on Giving Behavior by Host-Country Citizens and Asylum Seekers (with Andreas Tutić). Analyse & Kritik 40: 161-184.

(2017) A Turbine is not only a Turbine: The Role of Social Context and Fairness Characteristics for the Local Acceptance of Wind Power (with Anna Bartczak and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Energy Policy 107: 300-308. (Nature Energy cover)

(2017) Giving More to Humans than to Animals in Need? A Behavioral Measure of Animal–Human Continuity in Large-scale Surveys (with Benedikt Jahnke). Anthrozoös 30: 249-261.

(2017) Has Anti-Americanism Become a “Progressive Prejudice” in Germany? Attitudes of the German Public toward America and Americans (with Heiko Beyer). The Sociological Quarterly 2: 202-228.

(2017) Low-Cost-Hypothese und Rationalität: Eine neue theoretische Herleitung und einige Implikationen [Low-Cost-Hypothesis and Rationality: A New Theoretical Derivation and some Implications]. (with Andreas Tutić and Thomas Voss) Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 69: 651-672.

(2017) Sozialer Status und prosoziales Handeln: Ein Quasi-Experiment im Krankenhaus [Social status and prosocial behavior: a quasi-experiment in the hospital] (with Elias Naumann and Andreas Tutić) Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 69: 109-129.

(2016) Context Effects and the Temporal Stability of Stated Preferences (with Cordula Hundeshagen, Heiko Beyer, and Stephan von Cramon-Taubadel). Social Science Research 60: 135-147.

(2016) Generosity is a Sign of Trustworthiness – the Punishment of Selfishness is not (with Wojtek Przepiorka). Evolution and Human Behavior 37: 255-262.

(2015) Does the use of mobile devices (tablets and smartphones) affect survey quality and choice behaviour in web surveys? (Klaus Glenk, Malte Oehlmann, and Jürgen Meyerhoff) Journal of Choice Modelling 14: 17-31.

(2015) Do Information, Price, or Morals Influence Ethical Consumption? A Natural Field Experiment and Customer Survey on the Purchase of Fair Trade Coffee (with Veronika Andorfer). Social Science Research 51: 330-350.

(2015) Three Experimental Approaches to Measure the Social Context Dependence of Prejudice Communication and Discriminatory Behavior (with Heiko Beyer). Social Science Research 49: 343-355.

(2014) Anti-Americanism in Europe: Theoretical Mechanisms and Empirical Evidence (with Heiko Beyer). European Sociological Review 30 (1): 90-106.

(2013) Consumer Behavior in Moral Markets. On the Relevance of Identity, Justice Beliefs, Social Norms, Status and Trust in Ethical Consumption (with Veronika Andorfer). European Sociological Review 29 (6): 1251-1265.

(2013) Zur Messung aktueller Erscheinungsformen von Judenfeindlichkeit mithilfe des faktoriellen Surveys [Measuring Current Manifestations of Hostility towards Jews Using Factorial Surveys] (with Heiko Beyer). Zeitschrift für Soziologie 42 (3): 186-199.

(2012) Test–Retest Reliability of Choice Experiments in Environmental Valuation (with Jürgen Meyerhoff and Volkmar Hartje). Environmental and Resource Economics 53 (3): 389-407.

(2012) Research on Fair Trade Consumption—A Review (with Veronika Andorfer). Journal of Business Ethics 106: 415-435.

(2012) Protester or non-protester: a binary state? On the use (and non-use) of latent class models to analyse protesting in economic valuation (with Jürgen Meyerhoff and Anna Bartczak). Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 56 (2): 438–454.

(2012) Preferences of Scotch Malt Whisky Consumers for Changes in Pesticide Use and Origin of Barley (with Klaus Glenk, Clare Hall, and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Food Policy 37: 719–731.

(2011) To Pay or Not to Pay: Competing Theories to Explain Individuals’ Willingness to Pay for Public Environmental Goods (with Peter Preisendörfer and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Environment and Behavior 43 (1): 106-130.

(2011) Choice-Experimente und die Messung von Handlungsentscheidungen in der Soziologie [Choice Experiments and the Measurement of Behavioral Decisions in Sociology] (with Katrin Auspurg). Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 63 (2): 301-314.

(2010) Different Routes to Explain Pro-Environmental Behavior: An Overview and Assessment. Analyse & Kritik 32 (1): 137-157.

(2010) Status Groups and Altruistic Behaviour in Dictator Games (with Andreas Tutić). Rationality and Society 22 (3): 353-380.

(2010) Are the Affluent Prepared to Pay for the Planet? Explaining Willingness to Pay for Public and Quasi-private Environmental Goods in Switzerland (with Reto Meyer). Population and Environment 32 (1): 42-56.

(2010) Determinants of Protest Responses in Environmental Valuation: A Meta-study (with Jürgen Meyerhoff). Ecological Economics 70 (2): 366-374.

(2010) Antiamerikanismus und Antisemitismus: Zum Verhältnis zweier Ressentiments [Anti-Americanism and Anti-Semitism: On the Relationship between Two Resentments] (with Heiko Beyer). Zeitschrift für Soziologie 39 (3): 215-232.

(2010) Die Rekrutierung neuer Mitarbeiter aus Organisationsperspektive: eine komplementäre Sicht auf soziale Netzwerke im Arbeitsmarkt [“Recruiting” from the Organizational Perspective: A Complementary View on Social Networks in Labor Markets] (with Karsten Wegerich). Soziale Welt 61 (2): 161-178.

(2009) Status Quo Effect in Choice Experiments: Empirical Evidence on Attitudes and Choice Task Complexity (with Jürgen Meyerhoff). Land Economics 85 (3): 515-528.

(2009) A Theory of Status-Mediated Inequity Aversion (with Andreas Tutić). Journal of Mathematical Sociology 33 (3): 157-195.

(2009) Benefits of Biodiversity Enhancement of Nature-Oriented Silviculture: Evidence from two Choice Experiments in Germany (with Jürgen Meyerhoff and Volkmar Hartje). Journal of Forest Economics 15 (1-2): 37-58.

(2008) Do Protest Responses to a Contingent Valuation Question and a Choice Experiment Differ? (with Jürgen Meyerhoff) Environmental and Resource Economics 39 (4): 433-446.

(2006) Protest Beliefs in Contingent Valuation: Explaining Their Motivation (with Jürgen Meyerhoff). Ecological Economics 57 (4): 583-594.

(2006) Zahlungsbereitschaft für kollektive Umweltgüter: Kritische Überlegungen zur Theorie geplanten Handelns [Willingness to Pay for Public Environmental Goods: Critical Considerations on the Theory of Planned Behavior]. Zeitschrift für Umweltpolitik und Umweltrecht 29 (1): 87-105.

(2005) Formelle versus informelle Problemlösung in wirtschaftlichen Transaktionen: Erklärungsdeterminanten zwischen “legal centralism” und “legal peripheralism” [Formal versus Informal Problem Resolution in Economic Transactions: Explanations between “Legal Centralism” and “Legal Peripheralism”]. Zeitschrift für Soziologie 34 (2): 128-146.

(2004) Problem- und Konfliktlösung in wirtschaftlichen Transaktionen: Die Konstruktion einer Konfliktpyramide am Beispiel des Einkaufs von EDV-Produkten [Problem-solving and Conflict-Resolution in Economic Transactions: The Development of a Dispute Pyramid]. Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie 56 (3): 539-562.


Special Issues Edited

(2021) Choice Modelling in Social Science Research (with Jürgen Meyerhoff). Journal of Choice Modelling.

(2021) Models of Moral Decision Making: Theory and Empirical Applications in Various Domains (with Caspar Chorus and Jürgen Meyerhoff). Journal of Choice Modelling.



(2021) Environmental Valuation with Discrete Choice Experiments: Guidance on Design, Implementation and Data Analysis (with Petr Mariel, David Hoyos, Jürgen Meyerhoff, Mikolaj Czajkowski, Thijs Dekker, Klaus Glenk, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Søren Bøye Olsen, Julian Sagebiel, Mara Thiene). Cham: Springer Nature.

(2007) Zahlungsbereitschaft für kollektive Umweltgüter. Soziologische und ökonomische Analysen [Willingness to Pay for Public Environmental Goods: Sociological and Economic Analyses]. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften.

(2004) Probleme und Konflikte in wirtschaftlichen Transaktionen [Problem-Solving and Conflict-Resolution in Economic Transactions]. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang.


Articles in Books (Selection)

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(2020) Tierwohlbewusstsein in Deutschland und den USA. Eine empirische Annaeherung (with Benedikt Jahnke), pp. 141-156 in: Heiko Beyer and Martin Krauss (Ed.), Amerika - Europa: Transatlantizismus als Erkenntnisstrategie. Festschrift für Andrei S. Markovits. Berlin: Verbrecher Verlag.

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