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Accessing files online with NetStorage


You are a Staff member working at home on your personal computer and wish to access files that you have stored on your S drive.


  • Open an Internet browser log and into with your regular WBS username and password.
  • Scroll down the my.wbs home page until you see the section ‘ Useful links’
  • Select ‘Access My S Drive’

  • You will then be re-directed to a NetStorage webpage asking you Authenticate. Once again enter your regular WBS username and password.

login screen

  • From the ‘Folders’ list on the left of the screen click the plus symbol next to your DriveS@username folder to expand folder list.

  • You can now browse your folder tree to the directory or file that you require.
  • Once you have found the directory or file you require select it by using the checkbox.

  • You now have many options available via File, Edit, View such as Rename, Upload, Download etc.

  • After accessing your data ensure you logout using the logout button

If you have any comments/questions about this Tip-sheet please contact the Helpdesk on