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Off Campus access

Some WBS and Warwick services can be accessed away from the University campus network. NB: being on the ResNet is classed as being away from the campus network for some purposes

Working securely when off campus

  • Be particularly alert to security risks when working off campus. Criminals will use events such as the Covid-19 pandemic in their events, for example by sending emails such as 'Covid-19 outbreak at Warwick' to try to trick you into clicking. Also criminals that situations like the Covid-19 pandemic can lead to lots of new systems or changes in how systems are used. They will attempt to use this to trick you. If you are ever in any doubt please stop and contact thehelp at wbs dot ac dot uk for assistance/advice.
  • Any device that is accessing University information must be kept patched and secure. Please review the guidance on the IT Services website.

Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams is an ideal way for your team to stay in touch, share files and collaborate while they are away from the office. All University Staff and Students have a licence included in their Office 365 subscription so jump in and create your first team.


File Services

Remote Desktop Access

  • Setting up and using Remote Desktop : Allowing staff to access their office machines from a home PC or similar. This is likely to be particularly useful for Professional Services staff who need access to systems like the MIS that are only accessible from campus. Note that some steps needs to be taken in advance and so you are advised to complete the setup now, ahead of when you might need it.


Practical guidance on working remotely

Updates on the status of systems

Requesting support