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Scanning from the Kyocera printers for students

Students and PhD Researchers can scan documents using the large black Kyocera multi-function devices in the PG IT Suite, PG Grid, WBS Teaching Centre or PhD Room 2.008.

To scan:

  • Walk up to a device and present your university card to the black card reader
  • Select the Scan option using the option on the large touchscreen

    Select scan
  • Option 1 - scan directly to your WBS email account:
      • The External Address Book is already open
      • Select 'Common Name' from the 'Search by' drop-down list


      • Enter your username (e.g. MF19XX) and press Search
      • Select your name in the search results and press OK

Alternatively, press 'Cancel' to select other destinations:

  • Option 2 - scan directly to an email address:
      • Choose 'E-mail Addr Entry' and complete as required
  • Option 3 - scan to the L drive:
      • Select the 'Scan to L' option on the touchscreen. Note that any documents scanned to the L drive will be visible to all other students for a short time. Once you have finished scanning log into a WBS computer and move the files to a private location. Any file not moved within a day will be automatically deleted. NB the folder for 2.008 scans is named SS-Post-Room-PhDonly.
  • Load the documents you wish to scan either in the top feeder (recommended) or on the glass platen
  • Make any other changes you wish using the touch panel (e.g. the key option is whether you wish to scan both sides of the paper - this can be done via the top feeder without you having to turn the paper over)


  • Finally, press the Green start button. Note that if you chose to scan to email these are sent as regular email messages and so can suffer delivery delays or be directed to your junk mail folder.