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What are all these address books?

Post migration it can be a bit confusing to work out where to look for addresses, especially those that have been migrated from GroupWise. Hopefully the following will help you. All of these address books can be located by clicking the 'Contacts' section in the left-hand navigation menu in Outlook


Address book name Details
Contacts This is your private/personal Outlook Address Book. This will start empty but you can add people whose details you wish to keep. The easiest way to do this is by right-clicking on an email you receive and selecting to add the sender to your Contacts list.
Frequent Contacts This has been imported from GroupWise. In GroupWise your 'Frequent Contacts' folder contained the email addresses of anyone you ever emailed or replied to. You will probably find lots of useful email addresses in this folder but it pretty much invisible to Outlook. You may therefore want to move the Contact details in this folder into one of the Outlook address books such as 'Contacts' or 'Suggested Contacts'.
Suggested Contacts This is the Outlook equivalent of the GroupWise 'Frequent Contacts' folder. It will start off empty but should automatically fill up over time with the email addresses of people you send messages to or reply to. One complication is that if you have ever (accidentally) started Outlook before the migration (which was very easy to do) then you may see two Suggested Contacts folders.
Other address books You may have created additional address books in GroupWise. This should all have been migrated and should also appear in your list. Again these are pretty much invisible to Outlook so it is recommended you add them individually to the list of address books known to Outlook.

As well as these personal address books you can also search the 'Global Address List' (often called the GAL) that contains contact information on all Staff and Students campus-wide. To access this select the 'Address Book' icon towards the top-right of the Outlook interface.

Global Address List