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Remote Desktop from an iPad

Before you start this process you need to setup your office pc by completing step 1 from the instructions on the following page.


Install app In the App store search for "microsoft rd client", and install it.
 select app After the app has installed, run it
 Gateway selection

The firsttime you use the app it will need to be setup.

Select Settings - Gateway

 Add Gateway Select Add gateway
 Gateway setup

Complete the three settings

Credentials : WBSDOM\your wbs username

 setup pc

Select New Remote Desktop

Connection name: Select a name for the machine

PC name: Use the ip address you were given when you setup your office pc for remote working

User name: your wbs username

DO NOT save your password

Gateway: select the gateway you have just setup

 Use it Select the machine you have just created - add your password the select logon
Additional buttons When you are connected to your machine there are two hidden buttons at the top of the screen, touch the name label at the top of the screen and an additional tool bar appears - the left button toggles between the mouse pointer and right mouse click, the right button disconnects you from the remote desktop session