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Mobile phones at WBS

The following phone is the device we recommend for Staff wishing to access their staff live@edu accounts on the move. Your group will need to fund both the device cost and ongoing call/data costs. All applications will also need authorising and counter-signing by the COO.

To request a phone please complete the following form and forward it to WBS eSolutions Helpdesk..

All phones are managed by IDG and are to be used for University business.

To apply for a work-provided phone, please use the 'Mobile Phone Application' form on our helpdesk portal: 

iPhone 13

iPhone 13

  • Size: 146.7mm (h) x 71.5mm (w) x 7.65apple iPhone 13 imagemm (d)
  • Camera - 12 MP
  • Dust & Water Resistant
  • New connection/replacement after 3 years - £611


Mobile Worker 2GB

£10+vat per month - Voice, texts and data. The same calls and texts as above, with an additional 2GB allowance of data.

We expect all phones to last 3 years


Q) How do I check my data usage?

A) You can find out how much data you have used by following the steps following Apple guide.

Q) What apps can I / should I install on my work-provided phone?

A) Please see this advice on app installation and usage

Q) Can I get a handset and use my own SIM card.

A) No, the phone is for University business and is purchased with a Vodafone contract.

If you wish to discuss your options further please contact .