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Locating messages that are too big to migrate

During the WBS staff email outsourcing all messages will be migrated with two exceptions:

  1. Emails that appear to contain a virus. Happliy, these will not be copied across.
  2. Email messages that are over 25MB. These will be lost unless you take action now.


To ensure no important information is lost please do the following:

  • Open GroupWise and click Tools > Find ...

    Tools > Find
  • Click the Advanced Find option

    Advanced find
  • Select the drop down field selector and choose 'All Fields'

    Select All Fields
  • Select size from the list of options and click OK

    Select Size
  • Click the operator down down and select 'Greater than or equal to'

    First select the operator button

    Select Greater than
  • As the size is measured in bytes enter 25000000 (i.e. 25 million) in the field. Click OK twice to run the search. The search may take a few minutes to complete

    Enter 25000000
  • If any results are returned be aware such messages will not be migrated. For each message please check whether it is required. If not please delete it, selecting the option to delete from all mailboxes if this is given. If you need to keep it please save the attachment to a safe place on your computer (e.g. your S drive). It is not possible to only keep the mail without the attachment. If you forward the message to yourself however you will have the option of deleting that attachment. Once you have done this you can delete the original message and you will then retain a copy of the original message text only.
  • If you have any problems contact help at wbs dot ac dot uk