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GroupWise archive

Until 2007 WBS ran a system that archived old messages to a computer's local D drive. These messages are stored in a GroupWise-only format and will become inaccessible after the migration to the Microsoft Live@EDU system. To ensure nothing important is lost please do the following now:

  • Open GroupWise and click File > Open Archive

    File > Open Archive

  • Most customers are likely not to see any messages and thus are not affected. They can return to the live mailbox by again clicking File > Open Archive (this time to de-select it)
  • If you do see messages in the archive view these will no longer be accessible after the email migration. Look through the messages in both the Mailbox and the folders. If any are still required you can 'unarchive' them back to your live mailbox. They will then be migrated along with your live messages and will continue to be accessible. To unarchive a single message right click on it and unselect the 'Move to Archive' option. When unarchiving the message will be returned to the folder it was in when it was originally archived. If that does not exist it will be placed in your live mailbox. You can select multiple messages and unarchive them in the same way. If you select many messages then your computer will appear to freeze - simply leave it however and the process will complete. When unarchiving messages be aware that they will then count towards your quota so do not unarchive messages that are not required.

    Right click and unselect

  • If you have any problems contact the WBS Helpdesk on help at wbs dot ac dot uk