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Spring clean your account prior to migration

The migration process is certain to be faster and less prone to difficulty the smaller and tidier accounts are. A spring-clean of your account now is certain to improve the chances of your own account's migration going smoothly as well as to smooth the process for everyone else.

Step 1) Delete large messages that are no longer required.

See for step-by-step instructions.

Step 2) Delete routine administrative emails that are no longer required (e.g. iCritical alerts)

  1. Open GropuWise and click Tools > Find ...
  2. Click the double arrow selector next to 'Full Text'

  3. Change to 'Subject'

    Change to Subject
  4. Type 'iCritical' in the search field (without the quotes) and click OK.

    type iCritical in the field
  5. After a few seconds the search results should be returned. Select any message from the results list.
  6. Select all results by clicking Edit > Select All

    Select All messages
  7. Skim down the list. If you want to keep any of the messages then press and hold CTRL on the keyboard while clicking those messages. This will de-select those messages.

    Deselect any messages you wish to keep
  8. To delete the selected messages click Edit > Delete (or Edit > Delete and Empty if you don't want them to go to your trash).

    Click Edit > Delete
  9. If you receive a message like that below select the 'All Mailboxes' option

    Choose to delete from All Mailboxes
  10. Repeat the above for any other routine messages that you might receive (such as old copies of newsletters, my.wbs daily alert messages)
  11. If you have any problems please contact the Helpdesk on help at wbs dot ac dot uk.