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Use of alternative Operating Systems

For staff and students we provide a fully-supported computing environment using 64 bit Windows 10. We appreciate however that for some researchers the Windows operating system is not suitable and Linux is a more appropriate choice.

In such cases, and with the prior agreement of WBS eSolutions, we allow research-active staff to run Linux on their WBS-supplied computer. Please note the following however:

  • We will provide a static IP address for the machine
  • We will remove any BIOS password
  • We will not be able to provide any support for Linux. You must be confident that you can support your own operating system choice
  • We will attempt to assist you in locating Linux versions of software for which we may have licences. Often however we will require you to discuss this directly with software suppliers as we may not have the detailed knowledge necessary to organise such licences
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you are compliant with any security setup required by the University of Warwick or our Internet Service Provider, JANET. Should there be any security problem with your computer it is likely to have its Internet connection disabled without warning.

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