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IKON Research Unit

IKON Research Unit

Warwick Castle


About IKON

IKON is a multidisciplinary research centre within in Warwick Business School. We apply theoretical perspectives from social and organization theory to empirical studies of the creation, translation and use of knowledge and innovation.

IKON has international reputation and advises on organization studies, innovation studies and information systems, particularly on the social and information processes and networking practices in innovation and how they are influenced by specific organizational and institutional contexts.



IKON's key research themes are:

  • Knowledge exploitation, integration and interactive innovation processes
  • Networking and innovation
  • Knowledge and learning in organizations
  • Knowledge Management and
    communities of practice
  • Evidence generation and use
  • Managing knowledge work
  • Expertise development and transfer

Our WBS academics
Our WBS academics

The IKON Network

IKON is comprised of a distributed network of researchers working in the area of innovation, knowledge and organizational networks.

Our WBS academics include:

Latest publications

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Summer School 2024

Summer School on Practice-based Studies,

The advancement of practice-based studies in organization, administrative and social studies.

Impact of emerging "intelligent" technologies
on organizational practices and processes, University of Warwick, 09 - 11 July 2024.