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In order to promote the dissemination of cutting edge research in the areas of innovation, knowledge, organization and networks IKON host and organize a wide range of events.

As well as our regular seminar series which runs throughout the academic year IKON are also involved in the KIN practitioner workshops, the European Conference on Organizational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities, and occasional academic workshops (see below).

IKON PBS Summer School

The International Summer School on Advanced Practice-based Studies was a yearly initiative aimed at the development and promotion of practice-based studies. By bringing together the leading scholars in the field, the School aims to become a primary centre for the elaboration and dissemination of this new development in the study of social, technological, and human phenomena. Further information can be found on the Summer School website.

Advanced Workshop on Practice-based Studies

Building on the successful run of the International Summer School this initiative is aimed at the development and advancement of practice-based studies. It is aimed at participants who already have considerable familiarity with the practice approach and are interested in examining how it might be meaningfully developed and advanced going forward.

The first edition takes place in June 2017 and further information can be found here.

Forthcoming Events

We also have a number of seminars planned this year as part of the IKON International Distinguished Speaker Series and more information is available here.

Advanced Reading Group

Following the success of our Ethnography reading group we were pleased to run another series of discussions for the 2015 Autumn term hosted by Visiting Fellow Dr Katharina Dittrich. Further information is available in the attached IKON Advanced Reading Group flyer.

We are currently planning further events so please get in touch with if you wish to be added to the mailing list for more information.

Connections in Action: Keeping Track of Large Social Phenomena using Relational and ‘Micro-sociological’ approaches

This international workshop took place at the University of Warwick on 5 & 6 December 2016. More details are available here.

The Ethnography Circle

We have successfully completed three editions of our popular discussion series and further details can be found here.

Previous events

We also hold the occational international one-day workshops such as 'The Mirror Game: changing practice through reflection' and the symposium 'Understanding the evolution of pharmacy work. Organisational and managerial perspectives'.

Other events have included a workshop on the subject of 'Surfacing the Invisible in Studies of Knowledge, Innovation and Organizational Networks' which was held at the University of Warwick on 1 May 2009. Further information about this event is available here.

We also held an event to report the major results of a 2 year EPSRC funded research project which sought to identify the key challenges for managing different models of clinical research in the UK today. Drawing on a large scale survey of over 200 clinical trials that have recently been conducted in the UK, together with in-depth interviews with all of the major stakeholders involved in clinical trials in the UK, we discussed the strengths of the UK clinical research base, along with the challenges that are currently encountered when conducting commercial and non-commercial trials, from the perspectives of the different stakeholders that are involved. For more information please visit the project page

In addition, we have hosted seminars with Etienne Wenger, Rick Iedema and Jessica Mesman and further information about these can be found here.

We were also delighted to announce a WBS inaugural lecture with Professor Davide Nicolini who presented his paper 'On the concept of practice in the study of organisation' on Thursday 8 December 2011.


Talking About Organizations is a weekly conversational podcast about management and organization studies. Delivered in a format best described as somewhere between a reading group and a panel discussion, the podcast tackles one book/journal article/idea per episode. It is free, not-for-profit and publicly available for all to enjoy! The core team consists of four people: Dmitrijs, Ralph, Miranda and Pedro, all of whom are academics in one form or another. The purpose of the podcast is to 1) make conversations about management thought widely available outside and across academia, and 2) to spark discussions, ideas and dialogue around fundamental ideas on which contemporary management science and practice are based.