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In order to promote the dissemination of cutting edge research in the areas of innovation, knowledge, organization and networks IKON host and organize a wide range of events.
IKON Practiced-Based Studies Summer and Winter SchoolLink opens in a new window

The International Summer School on Advanced Practice-based Studies is a yearly initiative aimed at the development and promotion of practice-based studies. We also periodically hold Winter sessions of the school. By bringing together the leading scholars in the field, the School aims to become a primary centre for the elaboration and dissemination of this new development in the study of social, technological, and human phenomena. Further information on the 2021 edition can be found on the Summer School website.

The Ethnography CircleLink opens in a new window

The Circle is a series of informal, multidisciplinary discussions which alternate presentations by leading ethnographers with group sessions where participants reflect on their ethnographic research practices. In short: an ethnographic self-help group. Participation is open to Warwick students/faculty from all departments and is extended to students from other institutions. Details can be found here.

PPI activities

IKON actively contributes and supports the activities of the Process, Practice and Institution group. More information about PPI can be found here.


Talking About Organizations is a weekly conversational podcast about management and organization studies. Delivered in a format best described as somewhere between a reading group and a panel discussion, the podcast tackles one book/journal article/idea per episode. It is free, not-for-profit and publicly available for all to enjoy! T