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The Ethnography Circle

November 2021—April 2022

Understanding the Ethnographic Journey

The Circle is a series of informal, multidisciplinary discussions which alternate presentations by leading ethnographers with group sessions where participants reflect on their ethnographic research practices. In short: an ethnographic self-help group. Participation is open to Warwick students/faculty from all departments and is extended to students from other DTCs. This is the seventh edition of the event which is organized by the IKON research group, PPI group at Warwick Business School, and organized with the support of the ESRC DTC Warwick.

New ethnographers are often told that ethnography cannot really be taught, it must be learned through doing, which can be a daunting task for most of us. In this year’s ethnography circle, we want to address this issue by exploring the core aspects of ethnography through doing. We will conduct self-help workshops where we learn from each other how to do observations, note-taking, and writing and as always learn from eminent scholars in the field about their experiences of ethnographic research.


24th February Workshop 4 - Observing Ethnographically: what can we learn from primatology researchers? An interactive session with prof Jo Setchell, Durham University.Link opens in a new window

10th March Seminar on Collaborative Video Ethnography with Jessica Messman, Maastricht University, The NetherlandsLink opens in a new window

7th April Seminar on Theorising from Ethnographic Data with Tammar Zilber, Jerusalem Business School, IsraelLink opens in a new window


Locations will be variable for the events. The speaker sessions will be hybrid from 15:00-16:30. The workshops will take place in person or online from 15:00-16:30.

Sessions held on campus will take place at the Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, CV4 7AL Location details can be found here.

Online participants will be able to join via Zoom.

Who can participate?

Admission is free but space is limited.

For organizational reasons please reserve your place in advance by RVSP:

Previous Meetings 2021-22

9th November Seminar on Observation to Theorising with Beth Bechky, Stern Business School, NYU, USALink opens in a new window

 Click here to watch the Ethnography Circle seminar with Beth Bechky.

9th December Workshop 1 - Creating Theoretical Memos: strategies, tips and tricksLink opens in a new window. Interactive online session

13th January Workshop 2 – Making Sense of the Data- A focus on analytical memoingLink opens in a new window

Click here to watch the Ethnography Circle session on analytical memoing

Click here to watch the Ethnography Circle breakout session on analytical memoing with Davide Nicolini

Meetings of the 2020-21 series:

17th November: Seminar with Nick Cherryman (Warwick University) and Jaime Garcia Iglesias (Manchester University)Link opens in a new window

8th December: Seminar on Industrial Ethnography with Simon Roberts (Board President, EPIC & Senior Partner, Stripe Partners)Link opens in a new window

12th January: Relational and Visual Ethnography: Thinking through research design - Online SessionLink opens in a new window

11th February: Seminar on Decolonising Ethnography with Carolina Alonso Bejarano (University of Warwick) and Mirian A. Mijangos GarcíaLink opens in a new window

3rd March: Workshop on Shadowing and Accessing Elites with Maja Korica (University of Warwick)Link opens in a new window - Online Session

1st April: Challenges and Possibilities of the Ethnographic Revisit with Daniel Beunza (City University) - Online SessionLink opens in a new window


Organised by Ila Bharatan, Derin Kent and Davide Nicolini with the support of:

UoW ESRC Doctoral Training Centre



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A copy of the flyer for the series can be found here