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The Ethnography Circle

November 2017—April 2018

Writing Ethnographically

The Circle is a series of informal, multidisciplinary discussions which alternate presentations by leading ethnographers with group sessions where participants reflect on ethnographic research practices. Participation is open to all Warwick students/faculty and is extended to students from other DTCs. This is the fourth edition of the event which is organized by the IKON research group.

In this year’s edition, we address the theme of writing. Ethnography is a research approach that defines itself not only in terms of data collection methods but also in light of how the empirical materials are worked out into a text. Yet, how to produce a strong ethnographic narrative — one that provides the reader with a sense of being there — is not a straightforward matter.

Thus, in five meetings, we shall discuss tricks on how to better write ethnographically. Among other themes, we plan to explore ways to turn field notes into rich vignettes; how to structured ethnographic evidence in a persuasive manner; and how to wave empirical stories with theoretical arguments. To that end, we plan to draw on the experience of the audience as well as the expertise of guests.


7 Nov 2017 Seminar with Tamar Gros (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
12 Dec 2017 Writing in Practice Session: Reverse Engineering Ethnography Texts
29 Jan 2018 Seminar with Ruthanne Huising (EMlyon)
20 March 2018 Writing in Practice Session: Sharing Feedback on Written Texts
25 April 2018 Seminar with Kate Kellog (MIT)


All events are held from 3-5pm in the Wolfson Research Exchange in the University of Warwick library.

Location details can be found here.

Who can participate?

Admission is free and open to students from other institutions.

For information and to register please contact 

Previous edition:
November 2016—March 2017
Making Waves: the Aftermath and ‘Impact’ of Ethnography
7 Dec 2016 Group Discussion: Stories of the Ethnography After Life


Organised by Pedro Monteiro and Davide Nicolini with the support of:

UoW ESRC Doctoral Training Centre



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A copy of the flyer for the series can be found here (PDF Document)