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Patient Values in Clinical Decision Making Symposium

University of Warwick, Coventry, April 2019

Organised By Ila Bharatan, Rachel Manning and Jacky Swan


Join us for a half-day symposium on Patient Values in Clinical Decision Making at the Warwick Business School. The session will provide an opportunity to learn about recent research on the role of patient values in decision making in the healthcare and social care sectors. Participation is free and lunch will be provided.

Full Event Details

Patients role in clinical decision making has been in the spotlight in recent years, with patient representative groups, practitioners and policy makers leaning towards models for patient-centered care. The importance of shared decision-making is also recognised in the legislation with the passing of the Montgomery Judgement (2014) which provides a basis for a shift in the role of patients in clinical decision making. Bringing patient voice into decision making requires reflecting on the role of values in decision making.

The symposium will review the role of values in decision making, both in the healthcare and social service sectors. It will showcase the recent work in this field as well as future directions.

Confirmed Speakers for the event are Profs Kenneth Fulford and Ashok Handa, Collaborating Centre for Values-Based Practice, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford. Dr. Roz Austin, University of York. Prof Jacky Swan and Drs Ila Bharatan and Rachel Manning, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick.

Who Should Attend

The event is aimed primarily at practitioners, policymakers, and academic colleagues interested in patient voice and decision making in healthcare and social care settings.


The workshop will take place at the Teaching Centre, Warwick Business School at the University of Warwick, Coventry Campus between 9:00 -14:00 on Thursday, 11 April 2019.

Further Details

Download the workshop flyer


Spaces are limited so please book your place before 15th March 2019 by emailing