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IKON's key research themes are:

  • Knowledge exploitation, integration and interactive innovation processes
  • Networking and innovation
  • Knowledge and learning in organizations
  • Knowledge Management and communities of practice
  • Evidence generation and use
  • Managing knowledge work
  • Expertise development and transfer

Current Research Projects

Within these areas IKON's current research portfolio is focused on the following key projects:

  • Management insights for tackling grand challenges: the case of climate-related financial risks in the financial investment industry (UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship)

  • Improving Evidence-Based Innovation in Social Care: A Methodology for Values Alignment
  • New Modes of Expertise Development in Technologically Intensive Environments
  • Early stage equity investment practices in Angels network and start-up management . A preliminary study

Recently Completed Research Projects

Previously Completed Research Projects



Evidence use in healthcare commissioning

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