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Summer School on Climate Change and Behaviour

25 - 28 June 2019, University of Warwick


The problem of our changing climate is entirely due to decisions made at the level of the individual, the organization, or the country. Consequently, many of the possible solutions to the rapidly worsening problem require an interdisciplinary approach, in which all areas of behavioural and social science are deployed in an integrated manner.

To illustrate, it is generally assumed that some form of “carbon pricing” is essential to induce consumers to emit carbon only when necessary. But to choose the correct form of carbon pricing requires an understanding not only of economics, but also the psychology of the consumers who will pay the prices, and a philosophical and sociological understanding of the societal effects of the wealth redistribution caused by the carbon pricing. To give another example, it is essential for behavioural scientists to understand what people believe about climate uncertainty, and how they value the future (both their own and that of their children) for us to create solutions that people will accept. And, indeed, if people are misinformed or have socially undesirable preferences, we may want to help them become informed or even to “nudge” their preferences. In short, behavioural and social scientists have a vital role to play in addressing the problem.

Warwick is at the forefront of research into behavioural science and climate policy, and for the 7th Annual WBS summer school we have invited some of our own researchers, as well as leading national and international figures, to teach us about climate and behavioural science.

As always, the summer school is designed to appeal to the widest range of participants. It will appeal to students, including undergraduate and PhD students, who are studying behavioural science and want to learn the wide range of links between behavioural science and climate change. In addition, we have designed our talks to be interesting to a general audience, and to managers and marketers in the public and private sector who seek to learn more about behavioural science, and about how to combat climate change.

The Summer School will take place at University of Warwick, United Kingdom. It will feature high level presentations by distinguished economists, psychologists, philosophers and behavioural scientists. The sessions will be interaction, and students and "profs" will have many opportunities to get to know one another and discuss ideas. This will be a great opportunity to learn and to network.

For more details please contact: Behavioural Science Group Office at: summer dot school at wbs dot ac dot uk

Organizers: Tigran Melkonyan, Daniel Read and Zvi Safra (Warwick Business School)
Co-organizers: Linda Donovan and Mandeep Tutt (Warwick Business School)

This will be the seventh annual Behavioural Science summer school held by Warwick Business School (WBS).

Keynote Speakers and Faculty

Matthew Adler Richard A. Horvitz Professor of Law and Professor of Economics, Philosophy and Public Policy, Duke University School of Law
Ann Bostrom Weyerhaeuser Endowed Professor in Environmental Policy, Daniel J. Evans School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Washington
John Broome Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford; Member of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).
Robert Chambers Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland
Nick Chater Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick; Member of Committee for Climate Change (CCC)

Francisco Escobedo, Professor of Socio-Ecological Systems, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Universidad del Rosario

Astrid Dannenberg Department of Environmental & Behavioural Economics, University of Kassel

Peter Hammond Professor of Economics, University of Warwick
Stephan Lewandowsky School of Psychological Science, University of Bristol
Daniel Read Professor of Behavioural Science, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

Information for Participants

Participants will pay a token Participation fee of £250.00 to cover lunches, two dinners, refreshments and one half-day activity (to be confirmed). This fee does not include accommodation.

Participants are responsible for booking their own travel.

For Participation and Accommodation the fee is £560.00.

Accommodation is available at Warwick Conferences Arden for 4 nights including breakfast (check in Monday 24th June 2018, check out Friday 28th June 2019). Please note accommodation is limited. Please book as soon as possible.

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