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Risk, Time and Society: The Behavioural Economics of Value

The Leverhulme Trust Award has been granted to a team of economists and psychologists in the Behavioural Science group of WBS and in the Department of Psychology to undertake a programme of work to understand how humans arrive at valuations of goods and services in the present and in the future.


  • Lab-based Experimental Economics
  • Online surveys

Research Quetsions

  • How do people evaluate alternatives involving risk and uncertainty?
  • How do people make trade-offs between present and future?
  • How do individuals' attitudes to time and risk and other social objectives feed into social policy?


 Graham Loomes  Nick Chater  Daniel Read  Neil Stewart
Graham Loomes Nick Chater Daniel Read Neil Stewart
Principal Investigator Co-investigator Co-investigator Co-investigator

 rebecca mcdonald  lukasz.jpg  zhihua.jpg  
Rebecca McDonald Lukasz Walasek Zhihua Li  
Research Fellow Research Fellow Research Fellow  

This project is funded by the EPSRC, as part of the Global Research Priorities: Behavioural Science programme.