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Past Seminars

The Finance Group has one of the most active visiting speaker programmes within The University of Warwick. If you have questions regarding the seminars, please contact the Finance Group office on 024 765 75220 or fingroup at wbs dot ac dot uk.

Past Seminar Sessions  

Summer Term 2019/2020

Date 2020 Room Speaker Institution Title of Paper
05/05/2020 Zoom 14:00 Paul Whelan Copenhagen Business School "The Overnight Drift"
06/05/2020 Zoom 16:00 Lukas Kremens University of Washington "Currency Redenomination Risk: Eurozone exits and the urge to take back control"
13/05/2020 Zoom 13:00 Anastasia Girshina Stockholm School of Economics "Wealth, savings, and returns over the life cycle: the role of education"
20/05/2020 Zoom 13:00 Augustin Landier HEC Paris "ESG Investing: How to Optimize Impact?"
27/05/2020 Zoom 13:00 Ilaria Piatti Oxford "Risk Premia on Foreign Bonds"
03/06/2020 Zoom 13:00 Francesco Manaresi Bank of Italy

"Born in Hard Times: Startups Selection and Intangible Capital During the Financial Crisis"

09/06/2020 Zoom 13:00 Mamdouh Medhat Cass Business School "Short-term Momentum"
10/06/2020 Zoom 13:00 Olga Obizhaeva Stockholm School of Economics "Fundraising in the Hedge Fund Industry"
17/06/2020 Zoom 13:00 Giorgio Sertsios Universidad de los Andes "Ownership Concentration and Firm Value:
New Evidence from Owner Stakes in IPOs"

Spring Term 2019/2020

Date 2020 Room Speaker Institution Title of Paper
25/02/2020   Boris Nikolov University of Lausanne TBC
04/03/2020   Mariassunta Gianetti Stockholm School of Economics TBC

Autumn Term 2019/2020

Date 2019 Room Speaker Institution Title of Paper
02/10/2019 0.006 Nick Gantchev Southern Methodist University "The Costs and Benefits of Shareholder Democracy"
09/10/2019 0.006 Martin Oehmke LSE "A Theory of Socially Responsible Investment∗"
16/10/2019 0.006 Mahendrarajah Nimalendran University of Florida "Informational Value of U.S. Securities Registration:
Evidence from Secondary Public Offerings, 1996-2016"
23/10/2019 0.006 Samuel Hanson Harvard "A Quantity-Driven Theory of Term Premiums and
Exchange Rates"
30/10/2019 0.006 Nina Boyarchenko Fed NY

"Multimodality in Macro-Financial Dynamics"

06/11/2019 0.006 Jean-Sébastien Fontaine Bank of Canada

"Long Run Impact of Macro News on Treasury Bond Yields"

13/11/2019 0.006 Tobias Berg Frankfurt School of Finance & Management "Handling Spillover Effects in Empirical Research:
An Application using Credit Supply Shocks"
20/11/2019 0.006 Frederico Belo INSEAD "Priceless Consumption*"
25/11/2019 0.006 Adrien Matray Princeton "Higher Dividend Taxes, No Problem!
Evidence from Taxing Entrepreneurs in France"
04/12/2019 0.006 Matthew Ringgenberg Utah TBC

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