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Gillmore Staff

WBS Gillmore Honorary Research Fellows

What are Honorary Associations?

An honorary association allows the University to provide formal recognition for individuals of appropriate academic/professional standing, generally from other institutions and organisations, to facilitate collaboration with academic staff within a particular department at the University of Warwick – WBS Gillmore Centre.

An honorary associate expects that they will contribute to the School/Department they are affiliated with or are engaged in collaborative projects with academic staff at the University.

The association is made at an academic standing equivalent to a University of Warwick appointment level, e.g. Honorary Professors will have experience at a level equivalent to that of a professor or, depending on the nature of a person’s career, extra-academic accomplishments will be considered.

The person will not usually be physically based at the University of Warwick.

Honorary associations must have an ongoing and prospective engagement with WBS Gillmore Centre in at least one of the areas of Education, Research, and Community.

Appointments are unpaid , initially for three years (subject to renewal). Honorary Appointments are given access to the school’s library and IT facilities, including a WBS, University of Warwick’s affiliate email account. Honorary Appointments must comply with the University’s financial, academic and IT regulations.

Current Honorary Appointments

Honorary Research and Industry Fellows for Gillmore Centre

  • Matt Hanmer

  • Daniel Philps

  • Timothy Law

  • John Curtis

  • Natasha de Teran

  • Martin Walker

  • Rhomaios Ram

  • Shu Zhang

  • Amit Chaudry

  • Brian Birkhead

  • Cecelia Russell (TBC)

Procedure for requesting new and renewal Honorary Associations - Application and Approval Process

Departments requesting a new or renewal Honorary Association should complete the form selecting the appropriate Honorary title from the agreed list.

The completed form should be sent to the Chair of Faculty (or nominated representative, e.g. Head of Department) for approval. The Chair of Faculty or nominated representative will approve the request with the HR Manager/Adviser. A letter of invitation will be sent to the individual with a copy of the terms of the association. An email account and University ID card will be set up where required.

Each level of appointment is considered equivalent to full-time staff membership; therefore, the appointment process is thorough and in line with the University’s standards.

There is no remuneration for an honorary association or employment relationship with the University.

Whilst there is no entitlement to travel or other expenses, departments may choose to agree to pay reasonable expenses.

Honorary associates may be permitted to undertake separate paid work that is of a casual ad hoc nature and distinct from their association, provided their visa (if applicable) allows this.

Period of appointment

Honorary associations may be appointed for up to three years in the first instance. They are renewable (subject to approval) after the initial three-year term. If an appointment is not renewed, an end-of-appointment letter will be sent. The University maintains the right to terminate an appointment at any time should the honorary association’s actions do not comply with the University’s financial, academic, and IT regulations.

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WBS Gillmore Staff

YI DING Assistant Professor of Information Systems


 SEAN ENDERBY Senior Research Software Engineer


ASHKAN ESHGHI Houlden Fellow


RAM GOPAL Professor of Information Systems Management


KATE HIGTON Projects & Events Executive


Georgina Lewis Assistant Relationship Manager

JIAO LIU Centre Manager


OLGA KLEIN Assistant Professor of Finance


ROMAN KOZHAN Professor of Finance




 RORY MULLEN Assistant Professor of Finance


JOE NANDHAKUMAR, Professor of Information Systems


GANESH VISWANATH NATRAJ Assistant Professor of Finance


 BAZIL SANSOM Research Fellow


 DAVID SKEIE, Professor of Finance


KALINA STAYKOVA Assistant Professor


MORIS STRUB Associate Professor of Information Systems


RUSLAN SVERCHKOV Assistant Professor of Finance


 MANDEEP TUTT Research Infrastructure Officer


ZHENGGE ZHOU Research Fellow