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Previous OHRM Seminars

Speakers: Professor Michael Humphreys and Professor Mark Learmouth, Business School Durham University
Title: Reflections on Ethnography, Autoethnography and all that Jazz
Download: abstract

Speaker: Dr Kate Kenny, Queen’s University Management School and Fellow at JE Safra Centre for Ethics, Harvard University
Title: Hero or Villian? Whistleblowing in Banking and the Role of Identity
Download: abstract

Speaker: Professor Crawford Spence, WBS
Title: Bourdieu goes to Business School: using field analysis to understand organizations, professions and careers
Download: abstract

Speaker: Dr Deb Dean, WBS
Title: Silence can be puzzling - as the actress said to the woman bishop
Download: abstract

Speaker: Chia-Huei Wu, LSE
Title: When and why people engage in different forms of proactive behavior
Download: abstract

Speaker: Professor Nick Llewellyn
Title: Knowledge, Embodiment and Mundane Reason in Routine Service Work
Download: abstract

Speaker: Dr Jose Bento Da Silva
Title: A Foucauldian twist on the Jesuits
Download: abstract

Speaker: Dr Girts Racko
Title: Understanding values of bureaucracy
Download: abstract

Speaker: Yoann Bazin (ISTEC Paris) and Maja Korica (OHRM)
Title: Ordering spectacle: Managing tensions between creative chaos and efficient orders in the organisation of fashion shows
Download: abstract

Speaker: Klaus Weber, Associate Professor of Management & Organizations, Kellogg School at Northwestern University
Title: Shooting for the Stars: Framing Repertoires and Audience Evaluations in the Context of Investment Advice (co-authored with Simona Giorgi)
Download: abstract

Speaker: Professor Marianna Fotaki
Title: Co-production: A means of democratizing public services or a race to the bottom?
Download: abstract

Speaker: Professor Keith Grint
Title: Leadership & Cultural Lynchpins: Change in the British Police