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Hari Tsoukas

Profile(biography)Hari Tsoukas

Previous appointments at the Manchester Business School, the University of Essex, the University of Strathclyde, and ALBA Graduate Business School (Greece). He works as the Columbia Ship Management Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Cyprus. He is an Honorary Professor at the University of Queensland and the University of Sydney Business School; Academic Adviser to the Hellenic Association of Chief Executive Officers; former Editor-in-Chief of Organization Studies (2003-2008); and a co-founder and co-organizer of the acclaimed International Symposium on Process Organization Studies.

Research Interests

Organisational knowledge, learning, and sensemaking; practical reason and judgment in organizations; organizational change; meta-theoretical issues in organisational and management studies; philosophy and organization studies (especially process, phenomenological and neo-Aristotelian perspectives).


Journal Articles

Hari Tsoukas (2018) "Strategy and virtue : developing strategy-as-practice through virtue ethics", Strategic Organization, 16, 3, 323-351

Hari Tsoukas (2018) "Leadership, the American Academy of Management, and President Trump’s travel ban : a case study in moral imagination", Journal of Business Ethics

Hari Tsoukas (2017) "Don't simplify, complexify : from disjunctive to conjunctive theorizing in organization and management studies", Journal of Management Studies, 54, 2, 132-153

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Hari Tsoukas (1988) "Managerial streams of decisions and the organisation of work on the shop floor : an explanatory framework ", Management Research News, 11, 4/5, 55-58

Journal Items

Hari Tsoukas (2008) "Thank you and goodbye! Reflections of a departing editor-in-chief", Organization Studies, Vol.29, No.8-9, 1085-1107

Hari Tsoukas (2007) "Introduction to the forum on 'The future of critical management studies: a paleo-Marxist view'", Organization Studies, Vol.28, No.9, 1309-1311

Hari Tsoukas (2007) "Forum - Introduction", Organization Studies, Volume 28, Number 1

Hari Tsoukas (1994) "Socio-economic systems and organizational management : an institutional perspective on the socialist firm ", Organization Studies, 15, 1, 21-45

Book Items

Sandberg, J., Rouleau, L., Tsoukas, H. and Langley, A. (2017) "Skillful performance : enacting capabilities, knowledge, competence, and expertise in organizations", Oxford University Press, Oxford

Sandberg, J. and Tsoukas, H. (2016) "Practice theory : What it is, its philosophical base, and what it offers organization studies", Routledge, New York

Tsoukas, H. and Chia, R. (2011) "Introduction : why philosophy matters to organization theory", Emerald Group Publishing Ltd., Bingley, UK

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Langley, A. and Tsoukas, H. (2010) "Introducing perspectives on process organization studies", 1-26, Oxford University Press, Oxford

Hari Tsoukas (2010) "Practice, strategy making and intentionality : a Heideggerian onto-epistemology for strategy as practice", 47-52, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge

Hari Tsoukas (2010) "Strategic decision making and knowledge : a Heideggerian approach", 379-402, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford

Hari Tsoukas (2009) "Craving for generality and small-N studies : a Wittgensteinian approach towards the epistemology of the particular in organization and management studies", 285-301, Sage, Los Angeles ; London

Hari Tsoukas (2008) "Creating organizational knowledge dialogically : an outline of a theory", 160-176, Routledge, New York

Hari Tsoukas (2008) "Developing a global journal : embracing otherness", 167-175, Basingstoke [England] ; New York, Palgrave Macmillan

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