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Go International - Virtual International Employability and Work Integrated Learning Programme

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - July 2018 Round

Adding a global perspective to Work Integrated Learning (WIL) enables students to benefit from work experience in an international context, whilst developing employability skills such as project management, communication, teamwork and intercultural skills through being part of a multi-disciplinary international student team. Added to this, international Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences are known to enhance student mobility and help define a student’s perception of their own graduate success.

Monash University Student Academic Experience Manager, Michelle Maes and University of Warwick International Employer Liaison Manager, Esther de Perlaky will work together to develop a new flagship initiative that provides a range of virtual, international Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and internship opportunities for students from Monash and Warwick. The Go International Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program will provide students with valuable intercultural and international experiences by working on a virtual industry project with an external organisation. A key strategy of the project team will be to work with Monash University, Malaysia campus to include their students and make connections with Monash industry partners in Asia.

Phase 1 will enable 50 students to form 10 teams of 5 to be supported and mentored by university staff throughout the project. Each team will also have a project mentor from the host organisation and will utilise secure online platforms designed to enable virtual groups to work together on projects.

By working together, the delivery and success of this program will be hugely accelerated through the sharing of knowledge, utilising existing resources, support mechanisms, technology platforms, industry contacts, tracking and outcome measurements and, importantly, differing cultural viewpoints.

Staff will collaborate to develop and deliver the program, produce new resources, and share and enhance existing resources to support students and industry mentors before, during and after the program to ensure both students and organisations gain maximum benefit. The pilot programme will be explored and proven, ahead of it being potentially rolled out more widely across both institutions.

Importantly, this initiative will enable the team to work with specific groups of students, including Widening Participation students, to be supported to explore and gain international Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experiences.

Principal Applicants:


Experiential Education Coordinator

Monash University

Christine Fenton

Internships and International Officer

University of Warwick