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Dr Debbi Marais

What motivated you to work with the Monash Warwick Alliance?Sue Kleve

I wanted to broaden my network, especially internationally as I had recently started at Warwick. I had made a major move from South Africa a few years before that to Scotland, and then again to England. It was wonderful to hear that Warwick already had an alliance which made this networking so much easier. It was suggested that I first apply for visiting educator funding and start building some connections while at Monash to enable a successful funding application to the MWA.

What have been your top collaboration achievements so far?

As health professionals continue to drive change there are more flexible pathways for undertaking study in healthcare improvement. With Monash partners I wanted to develop a For Fee Open Online Course (FFOOC) that introduced participants to complex healthcare systems, and provided a pathway to the joint Master program under development at Monash and Warwick. We successfully developed and ran the course of study over the internet without charge twice - we opted for a MOOC for the course (massive open online course) and it was very well received.

What do you hope to ulitmately achieve through your collaboration?

The MOOC will hopefully continue running and offering opportunities for prospective students to feepaying courses at Warwick and Monash. This provides a unique opportunity to offer a micro-credentialing course, allowing clinicians to customise their learning in healthcare improvement, whilst meeting pressing health industry needs.

Can you share one fun fact about yourself or your work?

My brother and sister-in-law run a wildlife sanctuary for rescued joeys (kangaroo, wallaby, wombat, koala) and flying fox babies who have been orphaned, just outside Melbourne, so I get to cuddle and bottle feed these cuties during working MWA visits.

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