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Voices of the Alliance

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Voices of the Alliance features professional and personal experiences from our communities and describe how the Alliance has contributed to individual careers and ambitions. If you'd like to add your voice please contact:

Associate Professor Basia Diug

I was very keen to get involved with Monash Warwick Alliance after meeting a visiting fellow Associate Prof Debbi Marais. After a few meetings we realised that we shared a common approach to our work and planned to work together on a number projects which we have successfully done.



    Dr Minni Singal

    I came across Monash Warwick alliance via Monash University web page while looking for a research position after migrating to Australia. I thought of it as an opportunity to be a part of the research activities with two well reputed institutes. I was highly motivated with the idea of working with two world-class institutions that were coming together to accelerate the exchange of ideas and information



      Dr Jason Ong

      When I was a post-doc in the United Kingdom, I attended a workshop where Professor Ivo Vlaev from the University of Warwick was a speaker. I was fascinated by the applications of behavioural economics he discussed. When I returned to Australia, the stars aligned as I was pleasantly surprised to find out about the Monash Warwick Alliance! 



        Ivan Yotzov

        The Monash-Warwick Alliance provided a perfect way to organise the Applied Young Economist Webinar (AYEW) series in April 2020. We were aiming to create a platform where young researchers (PhD and Post-Doctoral students) from across the world could present their work and receive feedback. Having a European/US East coast edition hosted by the University of Warwick and an Australasian/US West coast edition hosted by Monash University allowed us to cover practically all time zones and reach a global audience.



          Dr Frederik Dahlmann

          Speaking to another researcher at an international academic conference, we realised that we both shared a variety of research interests. We also remembered that our respective universities had formed a strategic alliance. We continued our conversations and when we heard about the Monash Warwick Alliance Catalyst fund, we saw this an ideal opportunity to pump prime our research partnership. Moreover, we felt the funding allowed us to connect with a much wider network of researchers at our respective universities and thus to strengthen our collaboration in the field of sustainability.


          Professor Helen Skouteris

          As a MWA Joint Professor since 2017, my motivation to work with the Alliance has been on addressing the compelling problems affecting the quality of healthcare systems internationally and the challenges of health care improvement, including the lack of integration between research, education and healthcare; multiple silos, especially between health and social care; and the failure to engage relevant stakeholders and the voice of those with lived experience in health and social care improvement.


          Professor Sascha Becker

          After working for 9 years at Warwick, I was approached by Monash to join their Economics Department. While moving continents would usually be an enormous challenge, the Monash-Warwick Alliance offered the opportunity to have a joint appointment, in my case the larger share being at Monash while keeping a part-time appointment at Warwick. Together with other academics with joint appointments, I am honoured to represent both institutions at the same time.


          Dr Letizia Gramaglia

          Professor Allie Clemans, Monash University, and I collaborated to enable Monash to gain institutional accreditation with Advance HE and develop programmes leading to HEA Fellowship modelled on the Warwick pathways for professional recognition. The MWA was the catalyst to make this happen!


          Dr Emily Pilkington

          I designed my research to have a six month 'rotation' between Australia and the UK over two years, so I could take advantage of the resources and facilities between the labs and, more importantly, gain a guaranteed two years of summer.


          Professor Rob Raven

          The Monash Warwick Alliance allowed us to deepen our connections with the Global Sustainable Development Institute at Warwick University and explore a collaborative agenda on sustainable development of informal settlements.

          Professor Ulrik Egede

          Professor Ulrik Egede

          The particle physics group at Warwick and that of Monash are relatively new in the field. Working together give us opportunities to achieve the breadth within the filed that otherwise can take decades to achieve.


          Veronique Campion

          I completed a double Masters of Arts (MA) in Journalism, Politics and International Studies (specialising in International Security) through the Monash Warwick Alliance.


          Inca Hide-Wright

          My name is Inca, and I am now in my final year of studying psychology at the University of Warwick. I became involved with the Alliance through TeaMWork.

          Professor Shirin Rai

          Professor Shirin Rai, Department of Politics and International Studies

          My collaboration with Monash is based on links between Warwick Interdisciplinary Research Centre for International Development and Gender, Peace and Security Centre at Monash. Through the Alliance we were able to fund original work that was underpinned by my work on depletion through social reproduction and Prof Jacqui True's work on the political economy of gendered violence.