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Hannah Adel-Hadi

University of Warwick student Hannah Adel-Hadi undertook a semester's exchange at Monash in 2018 during the second year of her Global Sustainable Development degree

"I think my favourite thing about studying at Monash is being in Australia and being able to explore around Melbourne and beyond. There are such beautiful places to visit. The Clayton campus is stunning too.”

Hannah says the subjects she chose to study at Monash fit in well with her degree at home, and complement her final year unit choices. When asked about the opportunities the exchange has given her that she may have not otherwise gained, she said

"There are opportunities to travel, as well as opportunities on campus to join different societies and experience another culture."

Not only has the experience given Hannah the opportunity to study in another country, it has also taught her to become more flexible when adapting to another university's curriculum and assessment structure.

During her time at Monash, Hannah was an active member of the Social Enterprise and Economic Development Society (SEED). With support offered through the Monash Warwick Alliance through the Student-Led Activity Fund, Hannah recognised that Warwick could benefit from a society similar to SEED. She is currently thinking about how she can work together with other Warwick and Monash students to leverage the SEED ideas, values and events to create a social enterprise society at Warwick.