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Sanjna Chandra

Third year Monash student, Sanjna Chandra spent 12 weeks at the University of Warwick during Semester Two in 2018

“I loved experiencing student life at Warwick,” says Sanjna. “The vibe on campus was great, with plenty of campus activities during both day and night.”

Sanjna arrived during Warwick’s orientation week in September. She said she felt more confident about going to Warwick when she found out how many other students from Monash were there.

“There were around 50 students at Warwick from all Monash campuses during the autumn term. It was great knowing there were so many other students in a similar position to me, and with numerous meetups arranged by the universities in both Australia and the UK it was a fantastic opportunity to broaden my network of friends.

“I also lived on-campus which was an excellent opportunity to meet many local students. I found there was a strong community vibe given many students live on-campus or surrounding suburbs. In addition, my flatmates and many classmates had recently came back from year-long study abroad trips across various locations including France, Columbia, Singapore and Australia. Listening to their exciting stories and advice about studying overseas was invaluable support in shaping a memorable exchange experience.”

Sanjna says her decision to study at the University of Warwick was an easy one.

“The business school has a really good reputation and I found that everyone was very focussed. It also helps there is an Alliance between Monash and Warwick. It creates benefits for students and is a safety net in a way as you know you’re being supported. Monash has a big presence there.”

Sanjna’s advice to other students is to definitely consider studying at Warwick.

“Research the subjects available to you and consider modules you may not necessarily study at, or are offered by Monash. Picking the right subjects will make your experience a worthwhile challenge. Beyond academics there are also many social meetups organised with local students and exchange students, as well as plenty of travel opportunities to explore other cities in the UK and Europe.”

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