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TeaMWork students

TeaMWork, an online internships program bringing together students across the globe to work on a collaborative project that supports an organisation concluded at the end of July 2021. We had the pleasure of speaking to some of the students about their experience.

Trisha TheanTrisha Thean was one of a number of students who worked within industry as part of the TeaMWork programme. She was allocated to the Citibank II Malaysia project and worked alongside students from Monash located in Australia and Warwick students in the UK. The project involved developing strategies and innovative concepts in employer branding, as well as strategies to introduce a hybrid-working model for the company. Here is what she shared about her experience:

Although at first I was nervous about working with such a large global organisation, after looking at the project brief provided I felt a little more confident and I particularly found the client to be continuously supportive and approachable. I feel that after this experience I am confident enough to take on similar roles in the future. I also feel more experienced in navigating a project with an international team.

Students Melissa Encena, Elicia Lok and Noor Khairina Chai were allocated to work with an Australian non-for-profit start-up organisation called Greenr Holdings Pty Ltd, located in Sydney. Their project was to develop an overseas expansion strategy document to launch an app in overseas markets. They had a very positive experience, working closely with the co-founder to achieve their project goal:

Working with a non-profit organisation was a very valuable experience, and provided me with more hands-on and personalised experience. We met every week with the co-founder and learned alot from his experience in the sector.

Elicia Lok, Monash, Australia

One of the biggest takeaways for me were the insights I got from the co-founder. It helped bring attention to certain issues that start up companies face that I wouldn't have known about otherwise."

Noor Kairina Chai, Monash University, Malaysia campus

I am now better equipped to work with an international team as I have knowledge of certain barriers and have learned to overcome them.

Melissa Encena, Monash University, Australia