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Club Shop and Subs

2019 Season Subs Payment - Why do we ask you to pay annual subs?

The University of Warwick ITSLIB Cricket Club is lucky to receive sponsorship money from a number of internal and external benefactors and has for many years been subsidised by the generosity of its senior players and committee, however for the club to be able to sustainably continue running 80 plus nets sessions and 35 plus matches every season against the high cost of cricket equipment members need to contribute to playing, entry fees (which include a charitable donation) and operational costs. All money will be ringfenced and used to buy vital cricket equipment such as balls, bats, pads, gloves, helmets, etc.

What do my subs include?

PLEASE NOTE: Ideally can you please pay via a Paypal Account to “Send money to friends and family” (this means we don't get charged the Admin fee) If you are an undergraduate full-time student there is a reduced subs fee of £15 to reflect the reduced number of fixtures you will typically have access to during the peak summer months.
Send money to friends and family to
(shown below are screenshots to assist you in this process)

Paypal PayPal Friends

Alternatively, if you do not have a paypal account please pay your 2019 subs@ £25 or £15 now:

Please enter your full name


The club relies on the financial support from its members. If you would like to donate to the club to buy cricket equipment please do so via the link shown below:

Club Shop 2019 (Surridge Sport)

Please feel free to take a browse through our new club shop. It's still in development and stock is being added all the time.

All feedback is welcome.

Have a browse and see what you think.

NB. remember at the start of the season stock levels may be low and demand high, it make take longer than usual for items to arrive.

Please follow the onscreen guidance for payment and delivery. No money is paid to the club and this is a hosted service by Surridge Sport UK.

Club Shop (Pre-2017)


Team Cap - Gunn and Moore (Pre-2017)


Team Slipover - Slazenger (Pre-2017)


Need any other Cricket equipment?

Please visit our recommended and approved supplier of Cricketing wares: VSPORTS of Coventry.

They have an excellent selection of high quality goods at competitive prices whilst custom handmade bats are also available.


Woodstock brings traditional cricketing qualities and professional craftsmanship to today's modern, competitive game.

John Newsome at Woodstock Cricket supplies award winning equipment at highly competitve prices. We have access to the sponsorship pricelist for the 2019 season.

ws 7

Woodstock Cricket - 2019 Pricelist in PDF format

Dukes Factory Clearance Balls - 2019