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The Competitions

Indoor 6-7 a side games

We play a number of indoor games in the Desso sports hall on main campus during the winter months. This high tempo style of cricket helps lift us from our winter slumbers. Typically these matches take place outside of term time and during the Christmas and Easter breaks.

Typically we will see at least 4 such indoor fixtures played through the winter break.

Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

The Interdepartmental League (AKA Warwick IPL)

Free your mind from the stresses of University life and immerse yourself in our hugely popular league. Get active whilst socialising with friends and making new ones! #activeleagues

During the summer time, 5 staff and student cricket teams derived from the Departments of the University of Warwick take to the cricket pitches at Cryfield to battle each other in the thrilling 20-20 format of the game. Matches are on weekday evenings typically Tuesday and Thursday starting at 5:30pm over at Cryfield with all the kit provided.

The captains of the sides are always looking for new players and welcome all levels of ability. Open to staff, postgraduates, undergraduates, alumni, retired staff and externals with Warwick Sport membership. Please note you do not have to be in that department to play for the team as many departments don't have a team. (Ideally look for the closest faculty)

Each team should play 8 fixtures per season in this competition.

Please consult the fixture list and the latest version of the rules for the most up to date information.

league trophy

The Interdepartmental Cup

This is a weekend event that is typically played between the top 2 or top 4 teams within The Interdepartmenal League, this varies from being a knockout competition with semis and a two legged final through to a straight 40 overs one off match.

Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

The Pheonix Cup (Medics)

This is a charity T20/40 Overs competition played at the weekends between 5 different Medical School students, University and Medics Staff sides.

The teams that will compete in 2019 will be as follows:

Warwick Medics, Warwick ITS, Kerala Kings, Warwick Lions and Coventry Doctors

The games are meant to be played in good spirit - it is the responsibility of team Captains to maintain that spirit.

Please arrive at the ground at 9.30AM for 10AM start and 1.30PM for 2PM start.

  • Rules will be similar to standard T20 rules with a few changes as follows:
  • Maximum of 4 overs by a bowler
  • No free hit for any no ball, be it front foot or above waist height
  • Any ball above waist height, be it spinner or fast/medium, will be called a no ball
  • Maximum of 9 balls in an over - this will limit wides/no balls to a maximum of 3 per over. Any additional wide will be considered legal delivery but awarded 2 runs
  • Batsman retires at 40 and can come back to bat at end of innings
  • No fielding restrictions
  • New ball for each innings (orange ball)
  • Any ball down leg side, if considered playable by umpire, will NOT be a wide, please leave it to the umpires discretion

Please consult the fixtures list for the latest up to date information.

For details of last years competition


The Ramstock Cup

A two team 3 match T20 and 40 Overs competition played between ITSLib XI and a Ram All Stars/CV Sixers XI for this magnificent trophy.


Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

Clash of the Captains - The Friendly "ish" Cup

When two tribes (Captains) go to war!

An interteam ITSLib XI battle. Headed by our Club Captain Dean and our Team Captain Chris.

We try to play this fixture at least twice a season.


Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

Allison Cup - Warwick Staff&G v Interdept Allstars XI

A combined Interdept Allstars XI vs Warwick Staff&G match is planned this year. This will take the form of 3x T20 fixtures captained by a different Interdepartmental League Captain for each fixture.

They will lead the best of the best from the League vs a Warwick Staff&G XI to fight for the coveted Aliison Cup.

Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

T20 and 40 Overs - Local and Regional Friendlies

20 and 40 Overs
Fixtures in the shorter 20 over and longer 40 over format of the game take place on certain weekends. These are usually friendlies vs other teams within our league or local school, works or village club teams.

For the 2019 season we will have over 5 such fixtures lined up.

Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.

Roger Abbot XI - Friendly Fixture vs Snitterfield

It's an annual 40 overs friendly fixture that marks the end of the Cricket Season.

It’s an excellent laugh, good teas, cake and a BBQ with a bar over the road. ITSLIB XI squad members are chosen by the team Captain and we asked to contribute 5 players to the XI each year.

It is a very popular fixture and one that marks the closure of the season in some style.

Typically a number of players who are not selected will pop down to net/act an umpires, provide 12th men and in many cases just come along to support the lads.

Please consult the fixture list for the latest up to date information.